Top OMG Moments in WWE 2k16

Top OMG Moments in WWE 2k16

There are top OMG moments that are expected to happen in WWE 2k16. Some of them have already happen in last years and some are new. We will discuss here Top OMG Moments in WWE 2016 and Omg moments that have been found so far in wrestling industry.Every Omg moment is different ,  in some moments more than on finisher are required which in other only  only one finisher per match. In every Omg moments, you need to be focused to place your target in the right position.

Big E Suicide Dive Spear :
Big E Suicide Dive spear is among top OMG moments, all you require to perform is one finisher. This can only happen one time per match.

Various Spears :
There are different spears that can be performed in WWE 2k16. One of them is that you can toss your opponent player towards the corners of barrier. Elimination Chamber spear can also be performed by tossing your target on the glass chamber. And the last and most important is Hell in a Cell, for this you need to go to bottom right corner and  toss out your target to the cage wall. When you see OMG, just press the finisher button to do this move. All these finishers can be performed with on finisher.

Cesaro Swing :
To perform this OMG moment, you need one finisher to be store and your target should be lying on floor. Reach their legs and Press Y when OMG logo appear. This OMG moment can only be performed once per match.

Cesaro’s Apron Superplex :
To perform this moment you need to be in the ring, and you target should be outside of the ring apron, can spot this as middle on the sides of ring barrier. When OMG logo appears, hit Y. Same approach is used to perform Apron DDT. Apron DDT appeared as extremely dangerous move, it is hard to see it happening in real life. Well as it is OMG moment so it is supposed to be jaw dropping. This OMG is spectacular. 

Roman Reigns’ dropkick :
This OMG moment is spectacular and it was played in WWE 2k15. You need to read proper roles to execute this move. If you have WWE 2k15 on PS3 and Xbox 369, you beed to toss your target towards the turnbuckle and need to hit finishers as it appears. This OMG moment can also performed one time per match.

Shield Triple Powerbomb :
This is also among top omg moments in WWE 2k16. To perform this move, select Roman Reigns to play in the ring versus Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a tag team match. To perform this you need to put your opponent down on mat till OMG logo appears. If you had one finisher stored and it says OMG when your target is down in mat , it shows animation for triple power bomb, that is how shield Triple powerbomb can be performed in WWE 2k16.

Elbow drop to commentary table :
If you have Xbox or PS , press left bumper in Xbox and L1 in case of PS to remove lid of the table. Perform this OMG moments by tossing your target down in the middle of table. When OMG logo appears, press the finisher button. 

Big Boot :
Big Boot is OMG moment that can be performed easily. You need to toss your target to ring barrier on outside. Hit the finisher button and this move will be executed.

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