Top Ten Handsome Wrestlers in the World

Wrestling is among the most popular games in the world and has hundreds of millions of fans. Various forms of wrestling are played all over the world and freestyle wrestling is among the most dangerous games. The image of this wrestling may be as a dangerous and violent but there are various handsome wrestlers as well. This is the list of top 10 handsome wrestlers in the world on download austin aries

10: The Miz Include In top ten handsome wrestlers:.


Mike Mizanin is a professional American wrestler who is often known with ring name “The Miz”. With his handsome looks finn balor , the height of 6 ft 10 in and 220 lb weight, The Miz is known to be one the most handsome wrestler in the world. It was only due to his good looks that he was offered roles in various films, which he accepted. However, it’s not about his looks only, The Miz has also won ric flair various wrestling championships in his professional career wwe summerslam .

9: Seth Rollins:


Rollins is one of those professional athletes who look more handsome in beard. His real name is Colby Lopez while he is known professionally with the nick name of “Seth Rollins”. ranked Rollins as number 8th most handsome wrestlerhalk hogan, while he made it to number 9 in our list of last man standing handsome wrestlers. He is the current champion of WWE Heavyweight championship.

8: Cody Rhodes:

Cody Rhodes

Cody Garrett Runnels is another professional American wrestler who is not only famous for his skills inside the ring but is also known for his handsome looks. 30 years old wrestler is known by his nick name “Cody Rhodes”.  Rhodes started his wrestling ultimate warrior passion since his school days and went on to become one of the most famous professional wrestlers in the world omg.

7: Edge:


Well, as his name suggests, he really has an edge over various other wrestlers due to awesome looks.  Adam Copeland is his real name but fans know him as Edge in wrestling circles. His height of 6ft and 5in and body weight of 240 lb makes him look very barclays center handsome sheik.

6: Fandango:

fandango wwe

The number of handsome wrestlers produced by the United States is too damn high and Fandango (real name Curtis Jonathan Hussey) is just another example.

5: Evan Bourne:

Evan Bourne wwe

Matthew “Matt” Korklan or Evan Bourne is at number five in our list of handsome wrestlers. Along with his handsome looks, he is also famous for his unique style of wrestling inside the ring. Sadly, he went through various controversies and injuries in his career and WWE released him in 2014.

4: Dolph Ziggler:

Dolph Ziggler wwe

You must know Dolph Ziggler if you are a wrestling fan. After making his debut in 2004, Ziggler (real name Nicholas Theodore Nemeth) remained very popular throughout his professional career. He remained the United States champion, World Heavy Weight champion and Intercontinental Champion during various stages of his career.

3: Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns wwe

Roman Reigns is another famous professional wrestler who is also known for his iconic hairstyle. Born in 1985 and debuted in 2010, Reigns today remains one of the most famous wrestlers with huge fan base. With iconic long hairs, French beard, height of 6ft 3 in and 120 KG weight, Reigns is among the best looking wrestlers of present era.

2: Randy Orton:

Randy Orton wwe

Born as Randall Keith Orton in 1980, he adopted nick name of Randy Orton. It won’t be an over exaggeration if he is termed as among top three most handsome wrestlers in the world. We ranked him at number two in our list but he may be the most handsome wrestler according to millions of his fans.

1: John Cena:

John Cena wwe

Here comes our number one handsome wrestler and no one other than John Cena got this spot. According to, he is the richest wrestler in the world. However, it doesn’t end here and we believe him to be the most handsome wrestler wwe raw cast as well. Thanks to his awesome looks and acting skills, he also worked in few commercial films and made guest appearance in others.

This was our list of top ten handsome wrestlers eric bischoff in the world. We hope that you also found your favorite wrestler here in the list. In order to find more about various handsome wrestlers hulk kogan, visit the following links.



  1. Roman Reigns is the most handsome among all. He has resemblance with under taker that’s why I like him the most. Look at his height and body and those tattoos are just awesome

  2. Dave batista is the most handsome wrestler I have ever seen.

  3. Roman is the best

  4. seth is more handsome . he looks cute when he become angry

  5. roman reigns is the most hand some guy

  6. King of Roman Empire is the most handsome guy i have ever seen. Look at his tattoo and smile. It is just hipnotizing..

  7. Where is jeff hardy?

  8. Well this list is good, but what i believe is that Randy Orton is more handsome than 1: John Cena.

  9. John Cena is handsome, but I know Batista must have some place in this list

  10. I love Roman wit all mi life . He’s just sweet and cute. 4rk d idiots called Owens and jericho . I hate d 2 brats and i know their relationship won’t last long.

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