Top Ten Tallest Wrestlers

Here we will discuss about the tallest wwe wrestlers. It is true that wrestling is considered to be among the most violent games in the world. It is also true in wrestling that the more savage look you have the more chances you have of becoming a popular wrestler. This is the reason that many giants successfully made their way into the wrestling world. Currently, we see many great wrestlers but still something seems missing. Perhaps we don’t often see a lot of taller wrestlers today. In order to refresh some memories, we have compiled a list of top ten tallest wrestlers.

10: Big Show:

Tallest Wrestlers

Big Show is among the tallest wrestlers who are currently present on international scene. At the same time, he also got 10th position in our list of tallest wrestlers in the history. Big show real height is exactly 7 feet and he used various ring names, such as “The Giant” and “Paul Wight”.

9: Giant Silva:

Giant Silva

Giant Silva was a Brazilian basketball player who later jumped into the field of professional wrestling. He was billed at 7.3 ft in in most of his wrestling matches; however authentic sources confirm his height to be between 7’1’’ and 7’2’’. He wrestled for WWF, MMA and Japan pro wrestling.

8: Ron Reis:

Ron Reis

Ron Reis height height is 7 feet and 2 inches. Born as Ronald Allen Reis in 1970, he made his debut in professional wrestling as “Ron Reis”. He was also known as ‘Evil’, ‘The super Giant Ninja’ and ‘Big bomb Jones’. Ron Reis claimed his height to be 7ft 2in, which however was bit of exaggeration.

7: Raja Lion:


With an estimated height of 7ft 2in, Raja Lion from Pakistan got fame due to his tall height. However, it is said that Raja was never a natural wrestler and his poor wrestling skills were evident of this fact. He also worked in dozens of lollywood movies during the second half of the last century.

6: Kurt Zehe:

Kurt Zehe

Very little information regarding Kurt Zehe is available as he appeared in professional wrestling almost a century ago. He was billed at various heights including 8 ft 4 in. However, most of such claims remain unauthentic and his realistic height seems to be around 7’ 2’’.

5: The Great Khali:

The Great Khali

Dilip Singh Rana is a former Punjab state policeman from India who later made wrestling debut in 2000. He is known as his ring name “The Great Khali”. With the billed height of 7ft 4in, he gained 5th spot in our list of tallest wrestlers. Last year Khali left WWE after his contract had expired.

4: Andre the Giant:

Andre the Giant

André René Roussimoff was a professional wrestler from France who was known as his ring name “Andre the Giant”. With his billed height of 7ft 5in, he was a real giant. He is one of those rare tall wrestlers who remained active for almost 19 years (debut 1963 and retired 1992). During his professional wrestling career, Andre also got a chance to work in few movies and television shows.

3: Silo Sam:

Silo Sam

His real name was John Harris and accounts of his height are controversial just like many other wrestlers. He was billed mostly at 7ft 7in or even 7ft 8in. But his actual height was considered to be slightly less than that. Silo Sam wrestled for WWE, WCCW and AWA from 1885 to 1887.

2: Paul Bunyan:

Paul Bunyan

Accounts of his height different greatly and range from 7’7’’ to 8’6’’. However, according to, his real height was somewhere around 7’7’’. Bunyan wrestled professionally for around five years and before wrestling he had also tried his luck in basketball and acting.

1: Jorge González:

Jorge González

Jorge González (ring names El Gigante and Giant González) is the undisputed tallest wrestler in the history. According to some credible sources his height was 7 ft 7 in; however he was billed height was 8ft. He appeared in professional wrestling ring from 1990 to 1995 and later died in his home country Argentina in 2010 due to severe health issues.

This was our list of top ten tallest wrestlers in the history. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite wrestler through the comment section. Meanwhile you can also find more about these and few other tallest wrestlers by visiting the following links.

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