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Top ten wrestlers 2015

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports watched and enjoyed in the United States. It is also popular in various other parts of the world including various European and Asian countries. The world of wrestling has seen a lot of outstanding and entertaining performers and the trend continuous in the present era as well. Here is the list of top ten wrestlers in 2015.

10: Bray Wyatt:

Bray Wyatt

Signed to WWE, Windham Lawrence Rotunda or often known as Bray Wyatt is one of the superstar wrestlers of modern era. This American wrestler made his professional debut in 2009 and since then attained the attention of wrestling fans and critics.

9: Erick Rowan:

Erick Rowan

According to, Rowan is one of those wrestlers who can end up being at number one in 2015. He made to number 9th in our list of top wrestlers of 2015. His real name is Joseph Ruud but he performs as Erick Rowan since his debut in 2003. Scoop Slam, Spin Kick, Big Boot and Bearhug are among some of his signature moves. Rowan is also famous for his long ginger beard.

8: Ryback:


Ryan Allen Reeves is another American professional WWE wrestler who performs under the name “Ryback”. Along with various other titles and awards, he also remained OVW Heavyweight Champion. Ryback also won WWE inter-continental championship where he beat famous wrestlers including King Barrett and Ziggler.

7: Alexander Rusev:

Alexander Rusev

Miroslav Barnyashev (ring name Alexander Rusev) is a Bulgarian wrestler who wrestles professionally for WWE. He won the US championship and also remained runners-up in WWE US championship this year. He is regarded to be one of the most complete wrestlers in the present era.

6: Brock Lesnar:

Brock Lesnar

Brock Edward Lesnar or simply known as Brock Lesnar is another American wrestler who is considered to be one of the best professional wrestlers in present era. WWE signed him in 2000 after his brilliant amateur wrestling career. Over the years, Lesnar defeated various famous professional wrestlers and won various professional titles.

5: Sheamus:


Stephen Farrelly is a professional wrestler of Irish background and is currently known as Sheamus. Sheamus won various wrestling championships including ‘FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship’ and ‘IWW International Heavyweight Championship’ for two times. He also remained WWE world heavyweight champion and WWW US champion during his professional career of wrestling. Having made his debut in 2002, he is still present in professional wrestling circles.

4: John Cena:

John Cena

John Cena undoubtedly is among the most famous wrestlers in the whole history of the game. However, he made at number four in this year list of top wrestlers. He has been active in professional wrestling since 1999 and still remains one of the top contenders. John Cena defeated Alexander Rusev in March 2015 to win the WWE United States championship. Over the years he won this championship for four times, WWE world heavyweight championship for 12 times and WWE heavyweight championship for 3 times.

3: Dolph Ziggler:

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is a two times winner of WWE World Heavyweight Champion and one time winner of WW United States champion American professional wrestler. Currently, he is considered to be one of the top wrestlers present in international arena. He also won “WWE Wrestler of the year” title last year in 2014.

2: Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns

According to, he is currently the number one wrestler in professional wrestling; however, we ranked him as number two in our list of top 2015 wrestlers. He was awarded the title of “Most improved Wrestler” in 2013 by Wresting Observer Newsletter.

And just to inform you, Roman Reigns was also included in our list of most handsome professional wrestlers.

1: Seth Rollins:

Seth Rollins

According to our analysis and observation, Seth Rollins deserves to be the number one professional wrestler in 2015. He is currently the WWW World Heavy-weight Champion. He also won various other professional wrestling titles in his 12 years career .

This was the list of top 10 professional wrestlers in 2015, which was compiled after analyzing various records, fans comments and current form of these wrestlers. You can also inform us about your favorite wrestler in the comments section. Your comments may help to improve the number of your favorite wrestler in our next list. You can get more information regarding top wrestlers from the following links.


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