Top WWE Superstars Expected Royal Rumble 2016

Back for Wrestle Mania in 2016

2015 is in the papers, honorable readers ladies and gentlemen. Finally this the time to turn over the page into 2016, and look towards another twelve months of WWE thrilling actions and exiting matches. Is it going finally be the year where fans leave the arena happy? Or it may be doomed to suffer another couple of months filled with threats from fans to stop watching the product?  We can hope it’s the former.

Despite of all those possibilities, this is very nice to get a feel for where exactly we are, when we look back and reflect on the biggest headliners of the year gone by. John Cena, Kevin Owens Seth Rollins and Sting surely made it on the list of the year’s most impactful Superstars, among many others. These all raises the question: let’s have a look at the year ahead once more, to whom we think will leave the biggest mark on the WWE over the next three sixty five days of the year?
The star of the wrestling Royal Rumble has come to be the single, one of the most anticipated WWE match of the year and with some of the good reason. This is going to be started as a response to the Bunkhouse Stampede from the NWA and then soon became a yearly some of the favorite that would determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania.

And one of the big parts of the yearly anticipation has centered on who the surprise entrants would be in the 30-man battle royal match.

Every year a number of things are certain, the great Kofi Kingston will make a spectacular elimination-saving athletic feat, and surely there will be a multiple surprise entrants again. And after decades of only featuring the company’s top superstars as its winners, great match took a bit of a hit around the early part of the current decade when Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus became Royal Rumble winners.

Meanwhile company seems to have shifted back towards realizing the importance and prestige of the match’s winner; this has also made sure to include many surprise entrants that keep fans guessing throughout the entire match. Current year should be no major difference and while logic and mathematics say that all of these entries are unlikely to occur, where these are 20 superstars those have some of the better chances at making the final cut in the end

Randy Orton

hottest2 Randy Orton

Before just a one weak the scheduled match at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View, sad news broke out that the number three baby-face Randy Orton suffered a freak injury and he would be forced to pull out of the event. Reports shows that, Randy Orton – who has suffered many shoulder injuries throughout his great impressive career – he dislocated a shoulder while he were taking out the trash at his home, but the initial estimates suggest that he’ll be totally out of action for four to six months more.

Freak injuries hurt WWE; the thing keeping Orton off TV for a while could benefit his career. But after all missing several months last winter to film The Condemned 2, the great Orton returned as a baby face and finally he feuded with Seth Rollins. Meanwhile many people felt the turn was a long time coming, the great Randy Orton floundered after his program with Rollins ended, mean time of his injuries; most of the people felt that Orton had completely lost a lot of the cachet he had built up as the other Authority’s top players.

Randy Orton, who must be able to return after Wrestle Mania, can come back as a heel – a great role that most feel plays to his strengths. For the very first time after a very long time, he may be a bad guy on his own, without Authority, or you can say without Legacy, or Evolution backing him up to the top. If we talk about his new position, Randy Orton can find himself once again, he is potentially leading into a feud with a baby-face like Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar.

Seth Rollins


The great Seth Rollins had his seven-month reign as WWE World Heavy-weight Champion cut short in November during a main event match-up against Kane in Dublin, in Ireland. His injuries could not have come at a worse time, because since he was really starting to pick up steam, he has put on some of the best matches ever seen in 2015 and emerging as WWE’s new top heel, most to stay there for years to come. He may has been booked to lose the title anyway, but there were most probably still plans for him to steal the show once again at Wrestle Mania.

After all unfortunate timings, all possibilities for Rollins’ return this coming year are endless; fans are already counting down the days until The Architect comes back. Do you think that he return to his role as The Authority’s poster child, or will he be able to take offence at the speedy replacement of Sheamus in his spot?  Let see the reunion of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to lay waste to the WWE roster once again as The Shield.

In case, 2015’s ‘Superstar of the Year’ whenever he makes a comeback he earned more than his spot at the very top of the card. This should have come as no surprise to see him win the coveted Slammy Awarded for his tremendous efforts; even you can guarantee that he’ll pick things up where he left off when he returns. The stars those who are holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when the days comes will have one great hell of a challenge ahead of them.

Dean Ambrose       

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose starts 2016 off in a great way, with his very first Intercontinental Championship reign, where he won the gold from Kevin Owens back at TLC. It may be recall that Ambrose was hell-bent on capturing the very same title as early as in Wrestle Mania season (although a devastating power-bomb from Luke Harper through a ladder in Levi’s Stadium would see those prayers go unanswered), so it’s now so good to see Ambrose with such a huge achievement just before embarking on what could be the biggest year of his pro wrestling career.

Great Dean Ambrose could do a lot of good for the title belt;   he’s so closely tied to current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Reigns often appears alongside him in main events. At Seeing the IC Championship in the main event picture regularly could raise the prestige of the belt tremendously. Apart from that, 2016 could, and should, be the year that of Dean Ambrose finally captures the big one. Dean is the last remaining member of The Shield not to capture WWE’s grandest prize, but he could easily find himself at the top of the card this year. Dean is a strong candidate to win the Royal Rumble match, for a start.

Though we all saw them square off in the final of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at Survivor Series, many of us believe a match for the title on the grandest stage of them all would be a perfect fit for Ambrose and Reigns. All the Lunatic Fringe needs to do is win the Royal Rumble, turn to heel on his best friend and Bob’s your uncle. we can say that If not at Wrestle Mania, so then he can turn during the summer.  Either way, super star Dean Ambrose has a good shot at becoming a top star in this year.

The Undertaker                   


The one of the great wrestlers Undertaker has been tying up loose ends lately; he is getting his stride back at Wrestle Mania, there he was really only known in the last two to three years for competing at ‘Mania, most of the people believe that the legend could be hanging up his boots, but if you think about it, then the mere idea of the Undertaker retiring I think would be changing the landscape of the WWE completely.

Great Undertaker is the last remnant of the most beloved era in wrestling history. Undertaker is the only man that still embodies the same electricity and aura about him when he steps in the ring, and as he did in the 90’s. undertaker also the only one that’s stayed away from social media for the most part, by keeping the mystery alive, though he may be up in age, but he can still manages to put on some of the best matches year-round, in the last few months are any indication, is a huge bombshell is going to be dropped in the form of his official departure.

The Undertaker potentially packing it in soon, that will officially cement us into the next generation of WWE, do what many believed should have been done I think at Wrestle Mania twenty eight, can officially “Ending an Era”, just as one of the greatest performers in the history of the business walks away once and for all. this could be that we’re looking too far into it, the Dead man isn’t nearly finished yet, so as take these words with a grain of salt, but at the moment of time, I think this is the best time of appreciation just what we have and when the time comes, enjoy what could very well be The Undertaker’s last rivalry and match at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Kevin Owens*

Kevin Owens

Ladies and gentle man as you all better knows that Kevin Owens is been on the main WWE roster is about half of a year now and he’s has left his mark in a tremendous fashion. Rather losing the rivalry coming in the long run, Kevin number of times defeated by John Cena cleanly in his debut match, and would go on to have one of the best matches at Summer Slam against Cesaro, before capturing his first Intercontinental Championship against Ryback at Night of Champions.

Imagine what can a man could do given a whole of a year to run wild!

We’re all excited to see just what Owens’ first match at Wrestle Mania has in store for him in April, and if the rumours are anything to go, then you must not rule out the possibility of a great match between Owens and the Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar. when you want to give Kevin Owens a memorable debut on the grandest stage of them all, one of the great showing against someone as destructive and volatile as Brock Lesnar, win or lose, absolutely the best way to go.

The great Owens may not be loved in the production room; the creative team has to have realized by now that Fight Owens Fight is money right in their pockets, giving this guy a huge 2016 shouldn’t be out of the question.  If we’re lucky, we’ll see the rivalry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, with the stakes raised even higher with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line. This may seem like a pipe dream right now, but believe me, stranger things have happened as always.

Daniel Bryans

Daniel Bryans

It’s unknown at this point whether Daniel Bryan, one of the most popular wrestlers in the world in 2013, but in current year will be making a full-time return to the ring. We heard time to time rumours about a possible role of a trainer or an announcer before of an active performer, rather Bryan himself being convinced of his perfect health in recent few months. This is the time of decision for both he and WWE, whether they are going to draw the conclusion that Bryan’s in-ring career is over, or he comes back again to win the big one. He is surely be going to make an great impact in the current year.

Most of all, Daniel comes back in time for Wrestle Mania, it is then possible that  WWE is going to have to consider implementing him into the upcoming main event of royal rumble. We saw at the last two Royal Rumble events, again if they want Wrestle Mania 32 to be as big as first-planned? Then it means Putting Daniel Bryan in a huge spot on the card could benefit them. Apart of all that, it could always do what Bryan himself suggested, he can stick the Intercontinental Title back on him once again and make him a Smack down-exclusive performer to add more draw to the upcoming shows in current year.

On the other hands, if there Bryan is forced to retire; then they’ll need to start establishing some of the mid-card talent more than they have at present. Yet there are few baby faces that would believably hold a lot of water in the WWE Championship picture, most of all it is mainly because their booking prevents them from looking worthy enough at the moment of time, the only baby faces that seems to get and rub are the ones that fans are split down the middle on.

His fans need someone to route for all the way they want, there if Bryan announces his retirement, WWE will be forced to push its younger talent in the ring. But if they don’t, they’ll be creating some sort of big problems for themselves in the future again. Anyway whatever happens with Bryan or others, one thing I am sure fallout will be very big. But yet we it won’t be long before we get confirmation on his status.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is been sidelined with an sever injury since shortly after his match against John Cena for the US Title during the summer season, it was a crippling loss for both WWE and NXT for sure, Sami was one of the most popular shining stars on the roster. But, Zayn has just made his in-ring after his return; he has even been mixing it up with the likes of NXT Champion Finn Bálor during his UK tour in December.

Some question still demanding satisfactory answers; that is it possible for Sami will continue where he left off as the main attraction of NXT, to win back the NXT Title?  Will he skip the formalities and jump straight into the deep end of the WWE’s main roster once again, would he be able to make his mark on the company once and for all? Greatly, this look like as that he’ll be sticking in NXT for now; he surely will be reminding us of what we’ve been missing out on over the last half-year. That will be great to see Sami in this year.

He may have lost the Intercontinental Championship at TLC; perhaps the re-debut of Sami Zayn this coming year could reignite the incredibly personal and hard-hitting rivalry between the two men from early year of 2015. His injury seems to be what prevented the feud from having a definitive, let   see the two finish things off on a bigger stage would be spectacular in this year.

It does not matter where he ends up, but the great fact is that Sami Zayn is back and ready to go is an exciting prospect. He can be one of the cornerstones of NXT’s immense popularity, we should all be on the edges of our seats to see where he takes us upon his return to action in the year 2016.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

The super star makes a great impact no matter when or where he shows up on WWE programming, his intense rivalry with The Undertaker has come to a very close, but there’s no telling who’s going to be the next Superstar in his firing line. Most of the people believe that the great Lesnar to be a front-runner in the current year 2016 Royal Rumble match,  if he does step foot in the ring that night, I think it’ll be hard to bet against the Beast Incarnate. We can just imagine the chaos!

The great Brock Lesnar can completely destroyed John Cena to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2014, the man would have little problem suplexing 29 other men over the top of the rope when a shot at redemption in the main event of Wrestle Mania thirty two is up for grabs.

If Even the Brock doesn’t go back after the title immediately, as some of the critiques previously stated, that the possibility of a rivalry between Lesnar and Kevin Owens could be absolutely huge for both the great men. Just imagine the verbal battles between Paul Hyman and Owens himself! No matter whom Lesnar faces, man always leaves a trail of destruction in his wake and he’s certainly on WWE’s must-watch list in this year 2016.

Finn Balorif

Finn Balorif

No doubt Finn Bálor has established himself as the future of the WWE, the all just what he needs to do now is to be treated with respect by the company’s booking team and he can easily become a legend in the making and ranking. many Years of experience all over the world has given Finn the opportunity not only to hone and perfect his craft, but to find himself once again in the art of pro wrestling. Finn Bálor stated in the past especially that his “demon” gives him the chance again to be somebody else when he walks through the curtain, so it’s shown to give Bálor an edge to his persona that a few can accomplish.

Most of  the critique great ability, I personally think he’s a decent talker, most of all he’s proven on so many occasion that he’s a very great candidate for media responsibilities. We can say that he is one of the perfect WWE Superstars, though he’ll likely remain at top the NXT Mountain until after Wrestle Mania thirty two that has to be the year that Finn emerges as WWE’s next super star. As for how to handle his, that’s a tricky one, because the deck is going to be stacked with the likes all of Reigns, Johan Cena and Rollins taking up again the main event scene for the latter half of current year 2016,

The Finn Bálor would benefit from an immediate Intercontinental Championship win upon his debut, not only crossing paths with anyone at the top to prevent them from ruining his momentum what does he had. The Finn Bálor must not go anywhere near John Cena until at least a year or two after his debut, reason why WWE can’t let the Cena train derail yet another push you can say, especially one how valuable can be?

Whatsoever way they handle his arrival on the main stage, Finn Bálor is going to leave a huge mark on both NXT and the WWE in this year 2016, and could easily be crowned WWE’s best breakout star of the next twelve months.

John Cena

John Cena wwe

Up until this year Raw, the last time we saw John Cena, Since then, John Cena had been taking his scheduled time off to pursue other projects outside of the WWE as well, with the inclusion of his role as the host of a new reality show, American Grit and as a drug dealer in the recent film starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Sisters. But we’ve wondered for years what the WWE would look like once Cena finally hung up his boots, but now it seems the man is creating a great future for when that day comes.

This is being said, that John Cena is still a WWE guy as compare to others, if anyone agree or not, though he may be gearing up to pass on the torch as he attempts to go down to the same road that The Rock did on his way, John Cena likely feels he has a lot more to accomplish in coming times as a cornerstone of the WWE roster. I think He’s merely one WWE World Championship away from Ric Flair’s record for the most of the reigns, and the two away from shattering it completely. To the amount of work that has been put into making Johan Cena has to face of the company over the last one decade, it seems this would be a surprise for them to stop now.

Johan Cena has spent all of year 2015 re-juvenating the mid-card scene, by bringing the United States Title straight back from the brink with his open challenges of the series, so on the other possibilities are essentially endless for him completely now that he’s re-emerged.

Again a re-match with Del Rio for the title will surely be a lock-in, but after this all, it maybe we’ll finally see him again take on The Undertaker at Wrestle Mania? Does it?  This another very interesting match a lot of people have been hoping to see for years, and with the Dead man on his last legs, this is now or never.

We can hope at least one World Title opportunity, and potential, win, and 2016 has John Cena written all over it.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns wwe

Either you Love him or hate him, but Roman Reigns is here to stay, or while he’s come so close on so many occasions over the last 12 months, and the coming 2016 will be the year where Reigns officially dominates all the other competition as the WWE World Heavy-weight Champion. Then we saw the dawn of the Roman Empire none other than the night after TLC, the way he’s been going against The Authority lately, and including Vince McMahon himself, it means WWE is looking to get more fans behind him by using the same technique that helped Daniel Bryan and Steve Austin and a few other famous names, another formula that’s proven successful for WWE on different occasions. Corporate Machine vs. Man.

Since the Rollins is currently absent from all this programming, the other things didn’t seem to be going quit well for Sheamus’ championship reign as well as ratings were concerned, this was just a matter of time before Reigns found himself at top the WWE mountain. But where does he go from here to the top or quit otherwise?

But one thing is sure that there are a number of possibilities, but the most likely of which is a match against Triple H at Wrestle Mania thirty two, to be consider how physically the both two have been getting at recent Pay-Per-View like events. Ladies and gentlemen once again a re-match against Brock Lesnar probably isn’t out of the question either.

Perhaps this would be one of the smarter options; Reigns could square totally off against his best friends and former Shield brethren, Dean Ambrose on the grandest stage all of them. And most of all a lot of people were hoping for a Shield triple threat to the main-event the big show this year, you know what just because Rollins isn’t on the scene it shouldn’t mean that Ambrose has to miss out completely. But if there is anything, I think he’s the most logical and deserving person to face Reigns.

As far as they handled Ambrose’s inevitable heel turn correctly, it can be the must-see match at this year’s ‘Mania. None other than Defeating his one of the best friends and so on going to defend the world championship throughout the season until Seth Rollins makes a strong come back, one of the super stars Roman Reigns could easily find himself as the face of the company for most of current year 2016.

I can guarantee that he’ll pick things up where he left off when he returns. Whoever is holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when that day comes will have one hell of a challenge ahead of them once again.

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