Tour Of The Present 32 ECW Champions (part 1)

There is no doubt that the ECW marked a time in the mid-nineties and early part of this century. To the extent that the fans helped him to revive in 2006 like a mark of WWE, which ended up limiting it in spite of the direction of Paul Heyman, finishing by closing in 2009.

During those two epochs, ECW had fighters very different from what the industry average was accustomed to, iconic gladiators for its character and its action above the ring, beyond the physical or stature that was the common denominator of WWF And WCW. However, many of these fighters were also marked by the tragedies they were subjected to for the rest of their lives. The work presented here, divided into three parts, speaks of the forty-nine reigns that the maximum Belt had in its two eras, and of the total of thirty-two monarchs that ECW had and its present condition. We want it to also serve as a tribute to all the men who made the ECW brand an unforgettable site in world wrestling.

1- Jimmy Snuka

The first monarch of the company, obtaining the title 25 of April of 1992, in a tournament in which it defeated in the end to Salvatore Bellomo, maintained the belt only one day. However in July it would recover that same year it would recover the title to conserve it 78 days more.

As it will be remembered, although admitted to the WWE Hall of Fame, it was removed after the case was shaken against him where, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka was accused of the murder of his sentimental partner Nancy Argentino , from which he was released for being in Poor health conditions, a few weeks later the gladiator died on January 15 of this year.

2- Johnny Hotbody

The second monarch won the title on April 26, 1992 and kept it until July 14 of that year, when he lost again with Snuka.

Hotbody is not the best-known name when it comes to ECW, yet in the early 1990s it was one of the most charismatic rudos in the Philladelphia area. After losing the title was more common to see him fighting in pairs, even next to Chris Candido were known like The Suicide Blondes. In addition it achieved the Championship of the TV ECW, and three times the title of pairs. However with the arrival of Heyman to ECW, Hotbody ceased to have constant work and was marginalized of the company. He took refuge in other companies and at the beginning of 2001 decided to leave the fight in a professional way. The latest reports are that he taught several gladiators in the New Jersey area.

Don Muraco
He was the fourth and sixth monarch, snatching the title from Snuka in his second reign on April 3, 1992; And The Sandman on April 3, 1993.

Muraco came to ECW with the sign that gave him WWE Intercontinental Champion twice, as well as being one of the first to win the King of the Ring tournament. Also known as The Magnificent and The Rock (yes, before Dwayne Johnson), managed to impact on Philladelphia by reviving several classic WWF rivalries, as with Snuka and Tito Santana.

His retirement arrived in 1995, however he continued working with several promotions as a figure of power, he lives in Hawaii with dignity.

4- The Sandman

He is one of the two most emblematic fighters in the history of ECW, and as such carried the maximum Championship in five occasions. In addition he managed to leave to posterity several of the most controversial rivalries in the history of wrestling at a global level.

Born of Philladelphia, James Fullington evolved into his character from being a surfer to the classic beer-drinker and smoker who turned him into an immortal. His career is of achievements inside the ring, but also of many scandals below the same.

Although it seemed that by his excesses Fullington could end up bad, the affection of his children has made him change of lifestyle. At present, although no longer fighting continues appearing in several independent companies to support other extreme legends.

Tito Santana

Seventh monarch, only had the ECW Full Weight Championship 32 days.

Legend not only from WWF and ECW, but also from West Texas University, where he marked a time as a Closed Wing on the American football team. Although he was not able to enter the NFL, he did play professionally in the Canadian Football League. Santana has never officially retired from the quadrilaterals and eventually struggles. He has also been teaching in New Jersey, where he resides and teaches Spanish, as well as wrestling in independent companies. Attachment to his family has made Tito Santana a solid example for multitudes of young Latinos in the United States as athlete and teacher.

6- Shane Douglas

Douglas es luchador que más tiempo portó el Campeonato ECW, con cuatro reinados que sumados hacen 873 días. Polémico y carismático, fue él encargado de cambiar la denominación de “Eastern” por el “Extreme” luego de que ganará el Campeonato Mundial de Peso Completo NWA y lo tirara a la basura para también agregar la denominación de “Mundial” al título ECW.

Douglas also managed to overcome his addictions and currently, apart from continuing to fight in several independent companies, has also promoted wrestling. In addition, he has become a motivational speaker for several elementary schools, giving messages to stay away from drugs . He has also been one of the main faces in the WWE suit for hiding the neurological effects after years of punching in and out of the ring

7- Sabu

Another of the most important symbols of ECW is Sabu, who despite multiple injuries and operations has decided to return to the quadrilaterals to continue fighting. Married to former WCW Super Genie, the gladiator has managed to stay on the independent circuit steadily and become a true living legend.

Sabu achieved the ECW’s top spot twice, but his constant violent style is undoubtedly one of Philladlephia’s most indelible brands. The second fighter to get the company’s Triple Crown (ie the three titles that ECW managed: the World Heavyweight Championship, Couples and TV.) Just behind Jhonny Hotbody, and with two other members: Mikey Whipwreck and Taz. Thus the Suicide, Homicide and Genocide, continues and will continue in the taste of the public.

8- Terry Funk

When ECW was defined as an extreme company it did not mean that it was the first time that extreme fighting was seen in the United States, and one of the figures that was already a true symbol of the violent struggle was, and remains, Terry Funk. Who with its arrival took a new air, bringing the violent Texan fight and incorporate it in the style of the nineties.

Funk won the ECW title twice. What can be considered only as the cherry pie of his long career. Only just last year in September had to announce her retirement after fifty years of running for having to undergo a hernial operation.

9- Mikey Whipwreck

Of discreet action, the small Mikey Whipwreck reached the glory 28 of October of 1995 when it was able to prevail to The Sandman. The taste lasted to him 42 days, because the own beer drinker would recover it when beating it in a fight of stairs where it was involved Superstar Steve Austin, before it emigrated to WWF to become Stone Cold.

Whipwreck retired in 2015, however he has remained linked to wrestling at the New York Wrestling Connection, where he has managed to convey his knowledge to the new generations.

10- Raven

Another one of the wrestlers who left in its walk by the ECW, Raven twice had the maximum title of the company for a total of 379 days of combined way. His character, which was a mixture of classical horror literature and grunge music of that time, was one of the most bizarre stories during wrestling.

Many of the stories he generated during the ECW, the wrestler could follow in other companies with several of his former teammates, such as Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman in WWF, TNA and X-Project.

He continues to fight in the normal way on the independent circuit. At one time he worked as a journalist in the National Enquirer.

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