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Tour of The Present Of The 32 ECW Champions (part 2)

The day of antier we began a tour of the history of the ECW Full Weight Championship , from its first monarch to its tenth, which meant fifteen different reigns, today we continue with eleven other monarchs ranging from the classic ECW Up to the first two of the WWE ECW.

11- Bam Bam Bigelow

Despite only lasting 45 days as ECW’s top monarch in 1997, Bam Bam Bigelow is one of the most remembered Champions for the ultimate business enthusiast. He was a legitimate stellarist and had already circled the world, leaving a mark where he went from his brutality and incredibly agile style to fight: no matter what 200 kilograms, Bam Bam was able to apply an impressive moon sault.

Unfortunately, Bigelow was never able to overcome his addiction to barbiturates, which, as in many cases, began because of his multiple injuries. Bigelow himself claimed to have shrunk in size two inches due to damage to his back by his intrepid fighting style and several surgeries arising as a result.

On January 19, 2007, a little over ten years ago, the gladiator was found dead by his girlfriend at his home in Florida. The autopsy revealed that it collapsed due to the excess of drugs ingested, among them cocaine and antiansiolíticos in mortal levels. Rest in peace.

12- Taz

One of the greatest creations of Paul Heyman: Taz, who as The Sandman notably transformed his character from a ridiculous The Tazmaniac into one of the most credible fighters of the second half of the nineties: The Human Suplex Machine, Taz. Who twice managed to be World Champion of Full Weight ECW, at the same time as Goldberg and Stone Cold were the monarchs in WCW and WWF respectively. For the perception of the great majority of the fans, Taz could win to both monarchs.

Taz continued his career and came to WWE along with the rest of ECW and WCW in the infamous Invasion of 2001. However the multiple injuries marginalized him of the action in the ring. This did not diminish in the fighter’s mood, on the contrary, it opened a new horizon to him when becoming an analyst in the tables of transmission of WWE. Over time he also fulfilled these functions in TNA. Today the Taz podcast is one of the most followed by his credibility and his accurate comments on the magical world of wrestling.

Mike Awesome

With 1.98 mts. Of height and over 130 kilograms, Mike Awesome is another of the most impressive gladiators in the history of ECW to win the highest title , and is also another example of the tragic deaths of fighters at an early age when this century began.

Two times he achieved the maximum title, and in memory of the fans of the company are marked several impressive duels against Masato Tanaka, Balls Mahoney and the massacre that he gave to the little boy Spike Dudley.

Awesome retired in 2006, after the second WWE One Night Stand and to have passed by companies like FMW, WCW, WWE, TNA and JCW among many other independents. When he left the fight, he commented that it was time to spend more time with his family, and that he would devote himself to real estate. However, soon after, on February 17, 2007, the gladiator was found dead by his friends. Suicide was the official cause of his death.

14- Masato Tanaka

With a rivalry of years in FMW and W * ING in Japan, Masato Tanaka came to ECW to look for Mike Awesome, giving instant classics from his arrival. Both fighters alternated the title. Tanaka behaved only once for only six days at the end of 1999.

Tanaka continues to fight today and has become a living legend in Japan, where he is currently the World Heavyweight Champion Zero 1, in addition to being a cult figure in the United States where he has eventually returned to independent roles, in addition to His classic return to One Night Stand to write what was the last fight of his rivalry against Awesome.

15- Tommy Dreamer

The innovator of the violence, Tommy Dreamer was the monarch of ECW that less time had the title in the classic time, because it only conserved half an hour. A poor play of fate at CyberSlam 2000 caused Dreamer to expose the title a few minutes after winning it to Taz that same night before Justin Credible, who snatched it.

Poetic justice had for many years been the basis of ECW, when it became WWE brand, Dreamer got the title for the second time, this time holding it for 49 days.

After reviving, along with many of his companions, several of his glories in TNA, Dreamer followed the independent path, forming his own company: House of Hardcore, which has served to give opportunities to new values ​​and many of the legends of the ECW and several of TNA. Although he has eventually appeared in WWE and has repeatedly been offered the job as agent, Dreamer has preferred to continue with his company, achieving his own dreams.

16- Justin Credible

One of the most remembered factions in ECW: The Impact Players, managed to dominate the company almost for half a year, between April and October of 2000. Not bad for a gladiator that before becoming extreme had had a person enough Ridiculous as Aldo Montoya at WWF.

Credible, he retired formally in 2015 after having fought in several companies around the world. Although he has occasionally had some struggles sporadically. Credible has not been free of addictions, just last March had an incident when he threatened a person, who lifted charges. Just last month, Credible opined on the issue and its problems with alcoholism. Vince and Stephanie McMahon vowed to support the gladiator, and Diamond Dallas Page, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall showed solidarity with Credible and offered to help him.

17- Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn is one of the most resourceful monarchs in ECW history. Although only had the title little more than a month the gladiator always was characterized by giving great meetings. With extensive experience in Japan, Lynn was not able to stand out completely in the United States for its short stature to the standard of those times. It was until he succeeded in convincing the whole world of ECW that he earned the respect of the whole world.

Its passage through WWF / E, ROH and TNA endorsed its capacity. Beginning in 2016, Lynn formally abandoned the fighting activity, but continued to work with new generations of fighters, both as an agent in ROH for much of 2016 and as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center in 2017. Fortunately married And with two daughters lives in Minnesota.

18- Steve Corino

Controversial, it is the best way to define the thirty-first monarch of the original ECW, Steve Corino, who had the belt for two months, at the end of 2000 and early 2001. During his period Corino managed to make himself hated with his character of “King Of Old School “. After leaving, he signed with WCW, nevertheless never made debut in television with the company that months later was bought by WWE.

Corino managed to stand out formally in Ring of Honor, where during two stages he became a Champion of Couples, manager and figure of power. It also began to appear on the table of commentators. Place that also has occupied for New Japan Pro Wrestling in its transmissions in English.

Since January this year, Corino is an integral part of the WWE Performance Center coaching group. Personally, Corino has had three marriages.

19- Rhino

The last “original” monarch, Rhino, who was defined by Paul Heyman in three words: “Gore, gore, gore …” and to become the ECW Full Weight World Championship on January 7, 2001 by defeating The Sandman, Maintaining it until April 4, date of the last function of the company.

Rhino had moments of glory in WWE and in TNA, also participated in fights with ROH already alternated with the best of the whole world. In 2015 he appeared again in WWE, this time in the yellow mark, NXT, where he proved to be in full giving memorable fights against Sami Sayn and Finn Bálor. With the return of the Dudleys to Raw, Rhino was promoted to the red mark to team up with them and Tommy Dreamer. He is currently in the division of pairs next to Heath Slater in Smackdown.

He also had political aspirations by running as a representative to the local Michigan Congress by the Republican Party, losing the election.

20- Rob Van Dam

After the closing of ECW, the history of the belt seemed finite, however, after the success of the first One Night Stand in 2005, WWE considered to make a new mark with the ends. This came after the second One Night Stand, on June 13, 2006, where Rob Van Dam was able to win against WWE Champion John Cena and renamed the title ECW.

The also known as “The Whole F’n Show” is considered one of the best fighters of all time by its tremendous agility and its suicidal throws. He still works independently. His popularity has made him participate in at least twenty films. She is currently a partner of also the fighter Katie Forbes.

21- Big Show

With the creation of the new brand, several WWE figures came to the violent terrain. One of them, the biggest one in carrying the extreme title was the Big Show. Who by the way became the first fighter to hold the three most important Championships of the last era: WCW, WWE and ECW. Five months lasted in the reign.

The giant has his name written in the memory of fans to fight for everything he has done in the ring. Still active in WWE multiple rumors mention that his retirement will happen in 2018, when he turns 23 years of active career.

Tomorrow the third and last part of this count

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