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Triple H: “Rousey Round Is In Love With What We Do”

As we said , Ronda Rousey could be training professional wrestling looking to start a career in WWE. Rousey had appeared in WrestleMania 31 , and after that, WWE looked for the possibility that it fought in Edition 32 , but could not reach an agreement with UFC .

However, starting a career in professional wrestling after being the most dominant athlete in the world carries risks, as she can legitimately beat any girl in the cast, which would make their management somewhat more complicated than the management of Brock Lesnar .

Although it could be that Rousey in WWE is just a rumor.

After Rousey appeared on recordings of the Mae Young Classic tournament last month, in the front row alongside Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shaffir , their training partners with The Four Horsewomen alongside Shayna Baszler (who participated in the Tournament) there was a lot of speculation, and it was even thought that this would lead to an angle of four against the Four Horsewomen of WWE: Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley.

Brian Campbell of CBS Sports interviewed Triple H for the In This Corner podcast , which will be available on Wednesday. One of the topics talked about was the former World Champion of Gallo Weight UFC:

“I saw her in the audience without her classic smile from ear to ear on her face. She looked like a child, and I talked to her at every break, but she seemed insecure. And what does that mean in the future? I do not think she even knows.

“I think she’s in a period of transition in her life. I think she’ll be getting married soon or something . It has a lot to think about, but I have always had the mentality to create opportunities. And that’s what the Mae Young Classic is all about, creating the opportunities these girls had not had before. If Ronda Rousey wants an opportunity, she would be happy to talk to her.

“I think Ronda has been fascinated with our business for a long time. It has many similarities with MMA, but without the competitive disadvantages that come with being an elite fighter. “

The appearance of Rousey in WrestleMania 31 :

“I remember when we did WrestleMania, she was talking about how impressive the public reaction was. She had never felt anything like this before. He said: ‘I had never allowed myself to even listen to the fans while fighting.’ He did not do it because it is not about the audience, it is not about entertaining or seeking reactions, applause or boos. It’s not about how hard they scream. Fighters only concentrate on one thing, on their rival.

“We do exactly the opposite. Our goal is to entertain the public and provoke reactions with what we do. And I think she’s in love and fascinated with what we do. “

Why was he present at the tournament?

“I know she was there to support her friend Shayna Baszler, who is very skilled and phenomenal in the tournament. It was to support her and she had a great time. “

Then, according to Triple H, Rousey would not be training, because they have not even had talks to weigh the possibility of joining WWE.

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