Two Great Reasons Why Natalya Should Be Crowned At SummerSlam

With SummerSlam (2017) just around the corner you need a little more media noise, and is that, although each meeting enjoys its popularity there is one in particular that has a promotion: Natalya Vs. Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Eye to detail: Natalya won the Fatal-5-Way and Naomi will challenge for the Women ‘s Championship at SummerSlam SmackDown (2017)

We have a section called “Five reasons” where we exalt or point out the work of the women on the string, although sometimes there are special editions like the most recent of Lana .

Lana Edition: Five Reasons Why Lana Should not Win at Money in the Bank (2017)

Today, we find another special entry: less redundant and more specific about the fighter Natalya.

But before, do you want to read the previous editions?

Without further detours let’s get down and know: the two reasons why Natalya deserves to win the women’s belt in SumerSlam .

2.- Debt for years

10 years have passed since Natalya was recommended by Chris Benoit , with the passing of those springs the Canadian has proved to be an elite athlete, so it is ridiculous to think that has hardly had a reign as Champion of the Divas in 2010 .

It may be argued that he does not have an attractive or attractive character as his peers; But that creative part should be supported by the company, from the television format in which they host the functions of struggles.

Currently Natalya has the character of Bret’s niece “The Hitman” Hart , and little or nothing have done to get her out of that mold . Which could happen with Charlotte Flair but in less than 1 year they solved that dilemma and they established to the Superstar feminine with more prestige today.

To see her win this opportunity is a well-deserved recognition of her career and contribution to the women’s revolution, will we witness how the veteran reinvents herself or the opponent’s turn for Naomi?
1.- The Championship needs it

The maximum Championships of each promoter have no prestige because yes, it is their possessors who wrap the belt of historical value.

The recent SmackDown Women’s Championship needs a monarch that raises its importance within the company, and that is not Lana, Nikki Bella or Carmella .

A belt is relevant to the extent that there are epic encounters or candidates to fight of the year or at least the month, and of course, rivalries to the height of being the owner of a whole division.

At the moment, the great rue of the blue division is Natalya, who will be the great villain to overcome by the techniques, because unless there is a debut or rise in the horizon, the scarce campus does not give rise to more.

The only sticking point here would be his unpolished character, but if Jinder Mahal in his World Champion run has become one of the strongest of the night, why not the heiress of the Hart family?

Do not forget to follow our coverage of SummerSlam here in SUPER STRUGGLES, on Sunday, August 20, 2017.

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