UFC Rules

UFC Introduced New Rules 2017 – UFC Rules

UFC Rules: This 2017 UFC brings new rules for the rest of the year. These are new actions that were previously lacking, others are new ways of qualifying for judges. Thus, the responsibility of the coaches will let their pupils the changes that MMA presented from next event.

UFC Rules

UFC Rules

UFC Rules

The official website of UFC announced that are 6 new UFC Rules that change from this January. For example, blows with the heel to the kidneys will be valid, as long as they do not hit the fighter’s spine. On many occasions this may be a weapon that was previously not allowed but is already.

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From this moment it will be valid that a fighter can put his hand on the collarbone of another and subject there to the opponent to carry out some action against him. However, it should be noted that UFC will remain prohibited pinch or grab the skin during the fight.

Regarding the women ‘s division, the fighters of UFC should wear tops or tight garments, and to the bottom the same as men, nothing below the knee. They can not wear any loose clothing, which can be dangerous especially for the fingers.

Then the six new UFC Rules knows that UFC proposed starting next event. As it corresponds, on January 28 Valentina Shevchenko will fight against Julianna Peña. It is very likely that the winner of the stellar fight will become the next opponent of Amanda Nunes by the division’s Rooster Weight.

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