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Video: John Cena Responds Anonymously On The Internet

John Cena responds anonymously on the Internet. The WWE Superstar and also Hollywood actor, was part of a fun dynamic for the important publication GQ and it was captured on video … Did you throw a dart at the company?
Dinner was part of the section “Actually Me” (or in Spanish, “Actually I” ), where public figures of various kinds create an anonymous account on the Internet to respond to comments that people make about them on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit (among other social networks), although without using an official account. Here is the video with the participation of 16 times World Champion:

“Hello! I’m John Cena. For all those unfamiliar, the Internet is a series of caves. So, right now, I’m going to cover up on the Internet. “

Manny, Layton: “Why do John Cena’s shorts have lots of pockets? That carries? Surely he does not need military camouflage. “
John Cena: “That’s the short military camouflage design. It’s supposed to be a durable, utilitarian garment, sort of like a pair of pants. “

“‘What are you carrying?’ That’s my problem, damn it. That’s where I draw the line. That’s like asking me what I’m wearing under those clothes. “

@ 1999KunalSingh: “I just bought this official John Cena T-shirt … How do I look and how do I look? Discuss your opinions. “
John Cena: “It’s hard for me to look at that image and not get emotional. The gentleman who carries it on is handsome … He looks confident. He won me. “

Dwayne D. Ellis: “John Cena, how much did it take you to learn Mandarin and what methods did you use to learn it?”
John Cena: “It’s a continuous learning thing. I wish I could learn Mandarin for myself by engaging with culture (china). The opportunity has not yet allowed it. Who knows?”

Diego Arteaga: “How has wrestling helped you?”
John Cena: “It has certainly helped me to become invisible. I have become master of this art. He also helped me to obtain a Doctorate in Matonerías. It has helped me a lot over the years. “

“Why do girls love John Cena?”
John Cena: “For God’s sake, I do not know. What? What kind of question is that? I already have the affection of a young girl, Nicole. We are getting married. And that’s all I care about. “

“Is John Cena part of the Illuminati?”
John Cena: “No …

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