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Video: The Undertaker Is Applauded Behind The Scenes After WrestleMania 33

From all points of view, WrestleMania 33 was a historic event. And although there are a few annoying fans with the result, The Undertaker made his withdrawal from the ring after being defeated by Roman Reigns , in an unforgettable closure for the Showcase of the Immortals.

The show of respect for the legendary career of the Headman did not wait, and the Thank You Taker until was used by virtually every major WWE title as a small way to honor the Undertaker figure.

Obviously, this was not the only recognition he received after his retirement, recently a short video was published which shows how he is applauded while passing through the sand, accompanied by his wife Michelle McCool , with whom he broke his character just before to go.

Undertaker behind the scenes after his fight with Roman #WrestleMania

In a quarter of a century of career, The Undertaker jealously guarded its personage of the Dead Man , reason why his personal life rarely has been treated of public way. This has earned him the unanimous respect of the industry, and especially of Vince McMahon , who has it in high esteem.

It is for this reason that the kiss that Undertaker gave his wife was for many the seal that gave realism to the exit of the Phenom.

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