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Was Jinder Mahal’s Three Count On Baron Cobin Legal?

In the face of the big surprise in the WWE Universe for the failed attempt to redeem his Money Briefcase at the Bank for Baron Corbin in the most recent edition of SmackDown , several fans and other websites have described a “mistake” in how Jinder won Mahal .
And that supposed error is as follows:

That Jinder Mahal had his foot under the third string at the time of counting, so the three slaps could not be valid.

Then in this official video published by WWE on YouTube you can see what was mentioned about the 3:00 minute:

And here you can see the moment in the form of gif:

However, it should be noted that:

1- Baron Corbin receives the count of three with his flat back on the canvas. It rolls until the account is over.

2- Although he had “dropped” before, the referee decreed Mahal’s victory.

2- And most importantly: In WWE there is no rule that a count or surrender key is suspended when passing the imaginary line of the strings.

This rule only exists as an officer in Mexican wrestling. In the Mexican fight it is not necessary to touch the ropes to break, that is to say, to break the count of three, padlock or key that is being applied to a fighter, it is enough to cross the imaginary line.

And it is also necessary to take into account that the wrestling rules, due to its own magic, can be somewhat “flexible” and remember this Bleacher Report article titled in 2009: “Playing Strings: A Of the most confusing rules in WWE ” :

“You play the ropes is, in theory, relatively simple. If you have your opponent in a key of surrender or covering it for a count of three, he puts his hand or foot on the ropes and the referee stops the count.

“If you have your opponent in a key of surrender and he reaches the ropes, you must release the catch or key before the referee counts to five. If you do not, you will be disqualified and you will lose the fight. “

When there are three count and the referee did not see that there were ropes, the decision is maintained, but again enters the magic of wrestling, since as has been done in several cases, a fighter, a manager or the General Manager, As part of the television story, can reverse the decision and order a revenge or resumption of combat.

It is also important to note that “the invisible string rule” explained above has been used in WWE, but its last use dates back several years and is only if it is in advance in the plans.We share an image with the rules of the NWA, rules that has been based WWE until today, because until the eighties, WWE was affiliated with the NWA:

“3- It is legal to continue fighting until the opponent is clearly entangled in the ropes and the referee asks them to separate (the fighters are warned not to attack during the separation).”

As you can see, there are rules of that then that are maintained in the current WWE, despite being somewhat anachronistic:

1- The protection account outside the ring is 10 seconds, while in Mexico and Japan its limit extends to 20 (although the 10 seconds of WWE can last almost a minute)

2- Titles do not change hands by disqualification, which happens in Mexico and Japan.

For now it is important to note that WWE has not addressed the issue by any of its official platforms, so it is unlikely to be followed up on this unfortunate event , which may have been due to the speed with which Jinder makes the round to Corbin Since this one almost gets stuck his foot in the rope.

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