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Were The WWE promos better In The past? Sean Mooney Thinks

Sean Mooney was a storyteller who worked for WWE from May of 1988 until April of 1993, being finally replaced by Todd Pettengill and Gorilla Monsoon. He has made special presentations on Raw in 2005 and 2012. He now serves as a commentator for KVOA, the NBC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona.

Raj Giri recently interviewed the former WWE announcer who spoke about the charismatic fighters he interviewed in his time as Hulk Hogan , Randy Savage and Roddy Piper.

“We talked about this a few times on the podcast, even this week where Hacksaw and I had a discussion about the difference between today’s Superstars and the boys of my era. We both agreed: there are guys in WWE now that we thought they would be tremendous personalities if they were in the 80’s and 90’s .

” The difference between now and then was that they had a lot more freedom with their character, and all those interviews they did, they did them only based on an idea and to follow a story, but basically it was about standing in front of the camera and talking “.

Who might have worked in the past:

“Well, there are guys like Bray Wyatt, which is great. His promos remind me of those of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

“Roman Reigns and others are good too, but it’s like they’re in control and that makes it difficult for them to develop characters. For example, in the case of The Rock, a friend of mine who worked nearby, told me that Vince McMahon gave him the idea of ​​what he wanted, but for it to work, The Rock had to take care of the rest. “

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