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What Are The situations Of Chris Jericho And The Great Khali?

Durante el último par de semanas dos importantes regresos tuvieron lugar en la WWE, concretamente en la marca SmackDown. Uno de ellos fue el del monstruoso The Great Khali, la gigante ex Superestrella que abandonó la compañía en 2015 tras unos últimos años para el olvido. Sin embargo, su retorno durante el estelar de WWE Battleground el pasado 23 de julio fue tratado como todo un acontecimiento. Y, por supuesto, sembró muchas incógnitas respecto a un posible retorno a tiempo completo o, en todo caso, parcial.

As you know, Khali has not been seen again on television or, more than a couple of times, mentioned by the company since then. And while it was criticized for years for its limited ability on the string, many fans reacted positively to their return and looked favorably on a hypothetical association with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers in a non-fighting role. After all, we are talking about an individual well-known not only in his native country, India, but also worldwide. Proof of this are the nearly 4.5 million hits that garnered the video of his appearance on the WWE YouTube account.

But it turns out no, that his return was simply something of a night , as reported by the Wrestling Observer in recent days, the mole of 2.16 meters and 44 years is not being announced for future live events or television shows . It was to be hoped, anyway, considering that his priority these days is his Indian Wrestling / Wrestling Entertainment school and that the managers’ interest in him was not at any time.

Having said that, it is worth noting that his return, no matter how brief it may have been, made sense not only because he helped a compatriot – and, admitted by Mahal himself, a personal friend behind cameras – but also For being credited as the “inventor” of Punjabi Prison back in 2007. Of course, the major purpose was to take another step in the expansion of the great entertainment in Hindu land. Even so, do not rule out a new surprise appearance of the giant should it be necessary.

On the other hand we have the Ayatollah of the Rock n ‘Rolla, Chris Jericho . The first undisputed WWE Champion made his comeback during the last edition of the blue show this past Tuesday after three months without appearing. The Y2J came back surprisingly to make use of its rematch clause by the United States Championship that same night before the then new monarch and ex-colleague Kevin Owens, and the other challenger, AJ Styles , in a triple threat titular.

Jericho fue planchado en la contienda que coronó a Styles como campeón y una semana después, ayer, dejó esperando a todos aquellos que esperaban verlo en el show de Shane McMahon. Y de acuerdo al Wrestling Observer Newsletter, se trató de la misma situación que Khali. Con tal de dar la sorpresa a la afición (toda una especialidad) y no hacer perder limpiamente a Owens de cara a SummerSlam, la organización se contactó con él para una única velada antes de que el vocalista de Fozzy emprenda la segunda parte de la gira nacional de su banda y el lanzamiento de su nueva autobiografía.

Following his last date in Japan in June, Jericho no longer has any commitments to Vince McMahon’s company and is not expected to see him over the next few months. So far, the gladiator is still listed with the other stars of SD Live! , Something for which we should not be guided since it was the case of Khali, who in the last hours has been returned to the Alumni section.

What do you think? Are you disappointed to know that neither one nor the other have come back to stay? Do you think we’ll see you again in the future? Leave your opinions in the comment box.

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