What Can we Expect From Emma In The No Mercy Title Fight?

A few months ago, it seemed that Emma would come back renewed and with a big push in the female division of the Raw brand, but the managers threw these plans and for a long time seemed to sail aimlessly .

However, Emma has just been added to the fight for the Women’s Raw Championship. Is there a push for her?

In the Monday Night Raw edition of Monday, September 4 , Nia Jax and Emma defeated Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss in a pairing match, which gave them the right to be included in the No Mercy title fight , making it in a Fatal 4-Way between Banks, Bliss, Emma and Jax .

Although the inclusion of Nia Jax in the fight is not surprising, many fans were not expected to see Emma in the fight for the title, since her return has not featured on the Raw poster. It seems that this fact is not going to improve, because the most possible is that who wins the fight obtain its victory overcoming Emma.

Alexa, Sasha and Nia are the main faces of Raw’s female division, and what we can expect is that her credibility will be protected at the expense of Emma.

However, we should not rule out a surprise, because Emma could steal the triumph just as she did in Raw.

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