What Can We Expect From WWE 2K18 For Nintendo Switch?

While 2K Sports announced that there will be no more WWE games for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 consoles, console fans of Japanese company Nintendo will be happy because they return WWE games to their latest console, Nintendo Switch, With the next WWE 2K18 .

As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, which allows you to play at home as a regular console and portable console as the old Game Boys or Nintendo DS , but with the detail that you can play anywhere with Your two Joy-Cons , and not feel alone while playing.

But back to the WWE game, this will mark the return to any Nintendo console after nearly five years from the former WWE video game distributor, THQ, with WWE ’13.

And to get into details, the game will not be based on the versions for PS3 and 360 , as it will have the same technical and playable features and modes My Career and editing of characters as in PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE .

And the biggest surprise of this announcement, and many have been waiting, is that you can enjoy eight playable characters at once on the screen and a new system of keys and animations inside and outside the ring.

At the moment, it has not been announced whether the game will be released at the same time, like the PS4 and ONE versions, as well as its final cost at the launch date ; Remember that the Nintendo Switch has a fairly high price.

While the video game is finished, will WWE 2K18 be consolidated as one of the favorites for the Nintendo Switch?

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