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What Do John Cena And Cristiano Ronaldo Have In common?

Professional athletes are often among the richest people in the world. Soccer stars earn millions of dollars a year, and yet there are those who choose to defraud the treasury by hiding their fortunes in tax havens .

But there are some who use a part of what they have for charitable purposes, doing both humanitarian work and donating money to various foundations.

The website made a list of the most charitable athletes in the world , and in it appears John Cena in second place, just below the football star Cristiano Ronaldo

1) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
2) John Cena (WWE)
3) Serena Williams (tennis)
4) Yuna Kim (ice skating)
5) Neymar Jr. (FC Barcelona).
6) LeBron James (Cavaliers, NBA)
7) Heather O’Reilly (Women Arsenal)
8) Maria Sharapova (tennis)
9) Mo’ne Davis (besbolista minor league)
10) Richard Sherman (Seahawks, NFL)

Cristiano Ronaldo is the second highest paid athlete in the world, because in 2016 made 32 million euros. It only surpasses Floyd Mayweather Jr. , who received 105 million dollars, but he does not make donations nor to deduct some of its taxes .

John Cena, on the other hand, was WWE’s second-highest paid player, earning $ 8 million, five million less than Brock Lesnar, who pocketed thirteen.

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