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What was The Departure Of Austin Aries From WWE?

What was the departure of Austin Aries from WWE? The answer is the portal PWTorch, which today, 24 hours later, complemented the scant details given by the Wrestling Observer, where it was confirmed that the same gladiator had requested his release from the company. That, of course, explains why his tweet (“it’s a beautiful day”) , which would not make sense in the opposite case.

Apparently, “Double A” was not happy with his situation in the company. His stay as a cruiserweight, a division without feet or head , was limiting, he understood, and that was exactly the argument behind his request. According to sources, the constant bad backstage behavior of former World Champion ROH contributed to the decision to grant him the wish. It is expected that the next step of Aries, whose real name is Daniel Healy Solwold Jr. and is 39, is his return to the independent circuit. Although most likely to act for big promoters – after WWE surely redouble its price – Torch says there is not much chance that he will resume his career in Ring of Honor “unless some fences are repaired.” All this, of course, after meeting the 90 day non-competition clause.

His last bout occurred in the PPV Extreme Rules against Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and his last appearance, the following week at 205 Live , where he starred in a segment with Jack Gallagher. Seven days earlier, he announced that he was going to take some time off since he had not been discharged for some injuries to his neck and legs.

The news took everyone unawares not only because it was the main technical figure of the division, also by the fact that at no time did Aries give indications of his disagreement. What’s more, in several statements of recent months he stated that he considered his NXT injury “a miracle” as it had given way to his debut in the main cast. He also encouraged the hobby to be patient with the cruisers when, showing the weak state the division, even he could be.

The word is that part of his frustration was due to the obligation to work with certain discomforts for a long time, and the fact of doing so as often, as the company demands, would also have played its part. It would not be surprising, on the other hand, that GFW make some offer for who was once its biggest star. We will see.

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