What Was The Original plan For Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. John Cena?

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. John Cena was one of the most important fights of the year. Not because of the quality of the meeting itself, but because it was the first time in history that both individuals faced each other. Also, the fact that it happened in SmackDown and not in a PPV makes it even more striking.

The end of the contest was the most shocking, as Nakamura applied Cena his Reverse Exploder, receiving the American the impact on his neck.

So yeeah John Cena’s probably dead sorry @michaelbay #SDLive

– rep (@repalec) August 2, 2017

Then Nakamura finished off his opponent with his classic Kinshasa and won the victory along with the opportunity to challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE World Championship at SummerSlam.

KINSHASA !!!!! @ShinsukeN is GOING TO #SummerSlam !!! #SDLive @JohnCena

– WWE (@WWE) August 2, 2017

However, as reported by Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter , WWE had prepared another situation to occur in the middle of the fight, which is as follows:

“The original plan was for Corbin to try to interfere to attack Nakamura, but in the end he would do Cena, thus allowing Nakamura to win.”

In effect, Baron Corbin attacked both Cena and Nakamura, but instead of doing so during the fight, the assault by Mr. Money on the Bank was perpetrated after SmackDown was no longer issued.

John Cena Saves Shinsuke Nakamura From Baron Corbin’s Attack

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