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Which Independent Wrestler Must Sign WWE? – Samoa Joe Responds

Although WWE a few years ago decided to develop their own talent, it continues to rely heavily on fighters from the independent scene. After the division of brands is more necessary the hiring of personnel from other companies.

That’s why the company conducted a survey on their WWE Fan Council to measure the interest of fans in several independent fighters . The list has about thirty different names, which we already made known in a previous note.

WWE Interested In More Independent Fighters (Many More)

Former two-time NXT champion Samoe Joe recently did an interview with Drew Garabo Live and was asked what independent wrestlers would like to see come to WWE:

” Jay Lethal is one of them. He’s the kind of fighter any character can do, and do whatever you put in front of him to perfection. And another guy I was just looking at … God, I’m trying to remember … Dalton Castle . And I do not know if you’ve seen it, but it’s great … I could not fail. “

Joe also had praise for the NXT Pair Champions, the Authors of Pain.

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