John Cena And The Rock

Who Has Won More Matches between John Cena Vs The Rock

John Cena is among those wrestler who have won most WWE championships. And The Rock is also well known wrestler. They have played several fights.

John Cena Vs The Rock

Recently in WrestleMania 29, John Cena Vs The Rock wwe.The Rock who was WWE champion played a match versus John Cena. A long match was played among two best wrestlers. Fans in the crowd does not want John Cena to win so they massively supported The Rock. For WWE, it was their way to make more business by making it a win for John Cena.

In wrestlemania 28, John Cena Vs The Rock again played a match in 2012 with the title ‘Once in a lifetime’. Cena Vs The Rock put their maximum effort to make their way through the match and play back and forth for the win. Both wrestlers keep on staring each other before start of the match. The Rock won this match against Cena. Cena tried to play with ‘People’s back’ move on Rock but Rock ran into a Rock Bottom, which granted him a win. Well John cena has won more matches as compared to The Rock. Overall win percentage for The Rock is 57.72 while for John cena it is 69.19%. Also John Cena has won most championship titles in WWE history.WresleMania 29

In wrestlemania 29, Cena was best wwe wrestler pinned after two Rock Bottoms and People’s Elbow. But In wrestleMania 29, John kicked out of three Rock Bottoms and a People’s Elbow. WWE championship has granted him super strengths. This match is among one of the greatest matches in WWE history. Some fans suggested to award iron man title to Cena Vs The Rock based on their performance in this match.

WWE organized another professional wrestling event names as wrestlemania XXVIII. This was twenty eight Professional wrestling event. This event took place in Miami Florida on 1st April, 2012. In the WWE history it was record as highest pay per view event. Total eight matches were played in this event. The main event was fan’s most favorite match between John Cena Vs The Rock. This match was announced an year ago to create suspense among the fans. This match was listed as Once in a Lifetime. Due to this match Wrestlemania 28 was one of the most pay per view event. As listed already A rematch was planned for WWE champion title among these two wrestler which was won by Cena.

Once-in-a-Lifetime-The-Rock-vs-John-Cena-wrestlemania-28 (1)



 Above, let’s compare their assets value of both the wrestler, The Rock Dwayne Johnson Net Worth is round about 250 million USD, that’s a lot more than John Cena’s 36 million UD of worth. These total worth stats are updated in 2017.

The Rock has more fans than John Cena. Lots of people hate John Cena because of his character. Mostly list of this people includes youngsters as Cena has very good character, he acts a role model for the children, but usually young guys hate him because of this. He never got irritated or angry in the ring which almost all WWE fans loves to watch. He always played fair and square. WWE is making lots of great efforts because of Cena so soon this reason may turn him into a villiain.


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