Who is the hottest wwe wrestler ?

One can discuss and debate about professional skills, stamina and records of professional wrestlers. But writing about the hottest WWE wrestler can be one of the most difficult tasks to ever do. The world of wrestling has seen a lot of legends and superstars. While some were great in their skills others also had charismatic personality. Millions of fans throughout the world have different wrestling idols. This is the reason that varying responses were seen when we researched on dozens of forums to find answer according to the comments of wrestling fans.

Different fans seem to have their own perception of hotness and handsomeness and it is absolutely impossible to term any specific wrestler as the hottest WWE male wrestler. However, with thorough analysis, we chose three wrestlers. Remember that we initially intended to talk about only one wrestler in this article but it literally became impossible. So, we have mentioned three hottest wrestlers and it is entirely up to the readers to decide according to their own individual preferences. However, remember that the numbers are just for arrangement purposes and it is you who ultimately have to decide and answer this question.

1: John Cena:


It is without any doubt that John Cena is a wrestling superstar. At the same time, he is among the most popular wrestlers of all times. Born in 1977, Cena made his wrestling debut in 1999 and never looked back since then. It is only due to his charismatic and handsome personality that he got a chance to work in few Hollywood movies as well. According to our research and analysis, a considerable portion of overall wrestling fans consider him as the hottest WWE male wrestler.

2: Randy Orton:


Then there comes Randall Keith Orton also known by his ring name Randy Orton. This 35 years old wrestling sensation made his debut in 2000. Randy Orton belongs to a famous family of professional wrestlers and he himself is a world renowned wrestling superstar. At the same time, however, he is also known for his hot body and an impressive personality.

3: The Rock:


Often known as The Rock or Dwayne Johnson (Real name), he is also one of the most skilled, popular and hot male wrestlers. He may not be the most handsome wrestlers but his badass acting in famous F&F franchise, huge muscular body and his wrestling skills surely make him as one of the hottest wrestlers to ever live. He has been active at international scene from the last 20 years and has millions of fans in the whole world.

So, we talked about three hottest professional male wrestlers in this article. It is quite possible that you see another legend as the hottest one but we are hopeful that a huge percentage of fans would have found their perceived hottest wrestler in this small list. Do not forget to comment your opinion regarding this topic. Meanwhile, you can also read some other interesting articles related to the game of wrestling.


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