Who Warned Finn Balor Not To paint His Body?

Finn Balor is one of WWE’s most charismatic superstars, as he is followed by boys and big boys. Some consider him the true and natural prospect to replace John Cena when he is no longer in WWE.

Balor gave an interview for Al Arabiya English and many issues were on the table, such as the characteristics of his body painting and the origin of the character of Demon.

“New Japan was something in which I gave vent to my passion. I was totally committed to them because they were doing it for me, and no one else.

“The term ‘WWE Universe’ is heard a lot, but it’s something real to me . When I went to Singapore there were 20 children painted as the Devil. I’ve never been to Singapore before. Wherever we go, like Germany, there are children who dress like me, they paint their faces like me, they put on my shirts. The scope of WWE through television, social networks and WWE Network, is the WWE Universe, and that’s what moves me now.

“I want to influence these people, give them something to applaud. Before, the fight was for me, but now I feel that I practice it for the fans, and I think it’s much more important .

He also talked about the first time he decided to paint his body and how his friend Karl Anderson tried to change his mind:

“Honestly, the first time the Devil appeared or called him a demon. I wanted to use paint and the first time I did, I told my best friend Karl Anderson. I explained it to him, and he said, ‘Do not do it, the whole stadium will laugh at you.’

“Obviously, that did not happen. The whole thing of the Demon was designed so that the people hated to me more, that they were afraid to me, but that has bounced to me, because people love it “.

“It happens as with art. You can not predict what you are going to paint in advance. If I’m going to draw something, I do not know what it will be one day before. It is an interpretation of how I feel at that moment and I think of the most genial thing that is in my mind at that moment. I have a couple of ideas here and there, maybe I do this, maybe I do the other thing, but the final decision I do not take until six o’clock, when I sit down and paint myself. “

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