Mike Kanellis

Why Did Mike Kanellis Stop Showing On TV?

One of the star contractors of this season was that of Mike and Maria Kanellis (although in the case of the latter, rather, re-contracting), who came to settle on SmackDown Live as the substitutes for The Miz & Maryse . Despite a notorious debut in WWE Money in the Bank (2017) and several victories over Sami Zayn , little by little the couple has been reducing their appearances until being absent from the screens of the company since August 29 , with a defeat of Mike to Bobby Roode .

Why this absence on television? Over the last few weeks, the rumors have continued to point to a motive: the testimony that the fighter is still struggling with his drug addiction . In the recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio , a follower asked Dave Meltzer whether the issue ultimately has anything to do with curbing Mike’s alleged rise, but the reporter denied it. Behind they would simply find the arguments reported last month , which indicated that managers are unhappy with the former TNA’s attitude.

Meltzer indicates, however, that he has not been fired, but his momentum is now at a standstill . Again, he points out that Kanellis was unable to impress WWE upon his arrival, and that this would be causing his ready defeats. In return, its use is limited to the live events of the blue brand, although taking a look at Cagematch.net , the last of these shows goes back to August 28. According to the website, Mike has not fought a fight since Sept. 5. A dark match of the episode of SD Live of that date against Roode, that you guess ?, was sold with another defeat .

Maybe NXT would have been better territory for him, but it seems that “The Miracle” wanted to enter through the big door . In any case, if allegations of complacency are true, it is also not estimated that Triple H would have offered him any greater success, given the amount of talent within the yellow mark. We’ll see how Mike Kanellis’ fighting adventure continues, with no rivalry in sight for the upcoming SD PPV WWE Hell in a Cell (2017).

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