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Why Did Moose Choose GFW Instead Of NXT?

Quinn Ojinnaka, better known in the world of professional wrestling as Moose , became a star of the quadrilaterals thanks to Ring of Honor.

Before starting his fight career, Ojinnaka played professional football in the NFL, forming part of the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Saint Louis Rams and Indianapolis Colts.

Last year, WWE considered hiring Moose, who was in fact behind the scenes at an NXT event . However, the contract was eventually not carried out, and although there were rumors that it was due to a domestic violence arrest in 2009 , the fact is that Impact offered more money than offered by WWE.

Moose spoke of it in Interactive Wrestling Radio :

“I just felt it was my best option, and that’s all I want to say about it. I think it represented the most viable situation for me, so I decided to come to Impact. “

Changing the name of Impact to GFW:

“As I said, Jeff Jarrett knows what he’s doing. It is not the first time that he builds a company from scratch, and we all think he will be successful because he has already done so. “

GFW’s relations with other international companies:

“I think it’s great, old man. I believe that in these times, the more relationships you build with other companies, the more you will grow. We’re doing a good job with this. “

About his match in pair with D’Angelo Williams in Slammiversary:

“It was great, DeAngelo Williams was great. It’s what they’ve been talking about on social networks. To be his first bout, he made it phenomenal, I can not wait to keep the ball rolling !. Definitely the best celebrity to have entered the ring at all times . “

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