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Why Did Roman Reigns Expel Enzo Amore From The Locker Room?

If something became clear in recent weeks is the fact that Enzo Amore is not even close to the most beloved behind his backstage partners. And if all the commotion began when the rumor spread that the gladiator had been expelled from the dressing rooms by Roman Reigns , it took other proportions when a stripper accused him in social networks , but we had no doubt of his true self when the table Bring It To The Table brought to the table the topic of his conceited and disguised behavior.

There, Corey Graves acknowledged that Amore was not to his liking or that of many people behind the scenes while JBL commented that “with the exception of The Miz, none of the convicts triumphed in WWE”, so it was very complicated that G Certified to see the success of following the same course. For his part, Graves went on to say that the New Jersey native acts as his character 24 hours a day and, seeing him daily, “it is stressful to hear him tell time and again who was partying in Los Angeles.”

But if we go back even further, we will note that the first to point out the bad attitude of the 30-year-old man was former Performance Center coach Matt Wichlinski, speaking with the podcast The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling last May. In the interview, Wichlinski stressed that Enzo refused to certain instructions and already believed “know everything.”

“Un obvio opositor sería Enzo Amore. Él entrenó con Joe DeFranco durante varios años antes de entrar al Performance Center. Joe DeFranco es el entrenador personal de Triple H, un tipo asombroso y un brillante instructor de fuerza. Enzo entrenó con él un par de años pero es un tipo que no escucha. Tiene una habilidad atlética decente (jugó fútbol americano en la universidad), pero no sigue consejos; y no sólo en el gimnasio, también en el ring. Hablando con otros entrenadores con los que ha trabajado… Norman Smiley, Bill Demott; todos pensaban que podría llegar a ser un verdadero dolor de cabeza.

“Sometimes it can become an offside and sometimes a real nuisance. He’s one of those guys who thinks that as he trained with DeFranco, he means he knows everything. I do some things very similar to what DeFranco does, but certain things may be different and just because you know how to do it one way does not mean that you do not ask for it in another way. If I ask you to try in another way it’s because I want to see you doing it this way and building something different. Everyone knows that Enzo is aware that he is a blockbuster character and a good guy, but working with him can be stressful, but not always. “

De acuerdo a las palabras de Dave Meltzer en una reciente edición del Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Amore fue primero expulsado del autobús de gira por alzar la voz durante una llamada telefónica en la que expresó su descontento por la separación con Big Cass y despotricó contra el negocio de la lucha libre, presumiendo sus millones y alegando que “su vida real era mucho mejor que ‘la ficticia’ ya que la estaba pasando de maravillas en Los Ángeles”. Esto causó molestia entre sus pares y terminó con Reigns dejándolo fuera.

Fue entonces cuando el samoano volvió a expulsarlo, entonces sí de los vestuarios. Justin Barrasso de Sports Illustrated aportó también nuevos detalles del incidente en el día de ayer, reportando que parte del fastidio del talento para con Amore tiene que ver con los “cuestionables” invitados que éste lleva consigo a las arenas, que habitualmente rompen la regla del talento al filmar los alrededores y sacarse fotografías en los vestidores, algo que Amore no les impide hacer.

And then there is his attempt to venture into the music industry. On this particular issue, Barrasso opined that in the long run “it could create another conflict with WWE and could even make it end up on the list of fighters who will wish them luck in the future (fired).” Recall that the fighter gave voice to his entry theme, “SAWFT Is A Sin,” and even had talks to make new music for the company shortly after his promotion to the main cast.

And although not many who support it, one of them is his ex- companion Will Morrissey (alias Big Cass). According to the SI report , the giant usually defends and “protect” it, whatever that means, before any problem. However, it is not that Cass is the most popular either, and is that not many who see it with good eyes due to his great fanaticism by Donald Trump and “his ideas” that several despise (and despise several).

That said, it is said that the high commandos are aware of these situations and that based on it gave shape to the promo that made Cass at the time of betraying Amore:

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to team up with you, Enzo? You keep talking trash constantly about God-knows-what every minute of the day. Do you know how many times I wanted to hit you in your little head? Do you know how many times I wanted to knock you out myself? But I did not, because I felt bad for you, Enzo. Because at all behind that curtain does not like them; I felt bad for you.

“You’re just a burden that’s holding me back from developing my potential in WWE. You’re a burden that’s clogging me up when I should be climbing to the top of the WWE. You’re the reason I’ve never been a champion in WWE. I am the star here, I am the future, I am where the money is. And you … your mouth just writes checks that your butt can not cash … because Big Cass has always been behind you. Well, not for much longer: because you and I are finished. “

What do you think? Do you think WWE should do something about it? How would you react to this case? Do you agree with the way Roman Reigns acted? Leave your opinions in the comment box.

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