Dolph Ziggler

Why Is The absence Of Dolph Ziggler From WWE?

Dolph Ziggler last appeared on SmackDown Live during the July 4 episode of the show last month in which he participated in the pitched battle of Independence Day.

It’s been a while since we saw Dolph Ziggler on WWE programming and many wonder where he is and if there is a serious reason behind his absence.

Some speculated that he may have taken some time off while others believe that WWE may have gotten him off the television due to the fact that his brother was recently found guilty in a shooting incident a few weeks ago.

Given multiple reports that he is not satisfied with his position in the company in the past, and the fact that he has not been part of any recent rivalry lately, many even believe that they have already seen the last of him and that he can Be planning to leave the WWE.

Although in the recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer cleared doubts about his status with the company, killing all rumors related to his absence.

When asked why Ziggler has not appeared on SmackDown Live lately, Meltzer revealed that the reason why the former Full Weight champion has not been part of the recent WWE schedule is simply because writers have nothing for him.

It was also revealed that Ziggler has not taken any free time and while he is not seen on the weekly WWE shows, he has been continuously working on the company’s live events.

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