Will Emma Have To Wear Her Charms Tonight With Jason Jordan?

As we have already reported, Emma is not happy with how it is being used on Monday Night Raw .

The 28-year-old wrestler, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, has been contracted with WWE for six years, and was previously fighting in both Australia and Shimmer after training with Lance Storm.

After spending a second season in NXT, it seemed that she would receive her big chance as Emmalina, but although they were promoting her for seventeen weeks , they immediately canned the character and rested her again to launch her as Emma, ​​a situation that would have been frustrated.

Last week, on Monday Night Raw , WWE decided to play with Emma’s disenchantment in a backstage scene, in which she faced GM, Kurt Angle, telling her that she is tired of waiting, and it looks like to get a chance He would have to start dating his “son” Jason Jordan.

Although that was used by WWE creatives as a joke, it seems that Emma has taken it seriously, as in her most recent tweet a meme rose and the hashtag #GiveEmmaAChance, which has been profusely retuited by its followers .

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