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Without Broken Universe Is “Woken” Matt Hardy coming?

Recently it was believed that WWE and the Hardy Boyz were close to getting the rights to the Broken Universe , but everything indicates that the dispute with GFW has been prolonged to such an extent that a negotiated exit seems unfeasible, so ownership of the ” Broken Brilliance “would end up being decided in court. But although GFW has braked the “Broken”, the “Bright” belongs clearly to Matt Hardy .

It is no secret that, regardless of the legal conditions under which it happened, the Broken Universe and everything surrounding it nation in the mind of the greatest of the Hardy, and he himself could have devised a solution to the impediment that prevented him from exploiting his Creativity in WWE.

The Hardy Could Sue GFW For The Broken Universe

Broken Universe is a very vague concept, so the dispute had revolved around the attempts of both parties to register names like “Brother Nero”, “Queen Rebecca”, “King Maxel” and “Vanguard-1”. This, coupled with certain doubts about the creative fate of Jeff and Matt in WWE, has prevented their most popular characters from being released in the company.

Even so, Matt has not surrendered and continues to use the mannerisms of his character Broken on television, a clear risk in the middle of such a fragile negotiation. The audience shouts “DELETE!” Under the guidance of the older Hardy, who does not miss an interview without using words like “delightful” and “obsolete”. He even spoke openly about the subject in a last issue of Bring it to the Table.

Well, faced with the impossibility of reaching a solution that will satisfy both parties, WWE and the Hardy could have found a Plan B with the new “Woken”, which they released on Monday after Monday Night Raw . After showing their extreme side in a confrontation with The Revival and Gallows & Anderson, the Hardy said they felt more “awake”.

“I also feel revived, brother. I feel untied I feel awake! It’s an awakening happening inside my brother and me. “

The thing did not stay there, because although the term, phonetically similar to the original “Broken”, came from a comment by Michael Cole, Matt adopted it in his most recent tweets.

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