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WrestleMania 33: Will The Rock Be Tonight?- Original Plans For Goldberg – Return Of Kurt Angle

It’s the big day! Just a few hours separate us from the biggest show of the year not only for WWE, but for the world of wrestling and sports entertainment in general. In its thirty-third edition, WrestleMania will be playing this afternoon from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida and as usual, with the expectation and craving for the skies, news, rumors and statements abound. Let’s see what’s interesting about being open and close the eyes of the showcase of the Immortals.

The Rock WrestleMania

The Rock WrestleMania

The Rock WrestleMania

Although he has not worn his boots for a long time, The Rock  has not been absent from the Show Show on any occasion for six years. With little information regarding their situation for this year, by this time many still find themselves wondering if “The Great One” will say present or not on today’s day. The answer, unfortunately, seems to be negative. This we could know thanks to a tweet that multiple times WWE Champion published a few hours ago, which reads:

“It’s WrestleMania Sunday! To all the boys and girls behind the scenes, Vince, Triple H, Steph, Shane, all the production team and the fans … HAVE FUN! “He said.

The legendary “Good Ol ‘JR” Jim Ross signed a few weeks ago a new agreement with WWE to lend his voice to WWE Network projects and make sporadic appearances in the company’s programming to delight us with his unforgettable comments. Today, Hall of Famerconfirmed to ESPN that he will join the table of commentators for one of the stellar bouts and dedicate his return to his recently deceased wife Jan.

“I want to believe and I have no reason not to do it, it’s going to be a good feeling. I have seen my friends (over the weekend) and they are part of my family. I spent 21 years in that company and I want to believe that Jan and I were a little help when WWE went public after going bankrupt and going through a bad time, as we all did. She wanted to shop and dress well for the red carpet at the Hall of Fame ceremony and wanted to hear the reaction from people if I had the chance to go and tell a bout. We cannot do anything about the Hall of Fame and the red carpet, but maybe we can do something about the other. “

Kurt Angle is another of the names that many asked for tonight and that although it will be to be presented along with his classmates Hall of Fame, is not expected to have a role that involves physical contact. However, the Olympic medalist spoke yesterday and left a title that enthused more than one.

“I know I will play a role as an ambassador , but also that there is a chance that Kurt Angle will fight again. I really do not think Kurt Angle has finished fighting, I think it’s safe to think I’m going to be fighting in a WWE ring again. “

No. Goldberg‘s return to WWE was going to be simply a single bout in Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar , possibly to fall into the clutches of the Incarnate Beast and be one more victim of the bunch. Of course things turned out better for El Mito, who would defeat him and conquer the World Championship to reach the meeting tonight.

“I feel horrible, miserable. All I do is train, eat and go to the bathroom, but it’s worth it. I must thank WWE for letting me be a great dad. (…) There were absolutely no plans for me to appear in Mania, nor did I intend to get on the poster, nor did I think I would be or that there would be any possibility. That is, the subject was a struggle and ready. I agreed to go out and do my thing and I think they were surprised, in a good way, and extended it a bit more. “

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