The ultimate Warrior

Wrestler Who Won Most Matches in WWE History

In WWE history, there is long list of wrestlers who have played incredible and memorable matches for their fans. This list includes Tugboat/Typhoon, Lex Luger and Adrian Neville with winning percentage 87.6. But the winner of this list is The Ultimate Warrior with winning percentage 89.3%. He is one among wrestlers who won the most matches in WWE history.

The Ultimate Warrior:

His birth name was James Brian Hellwig. He was born in June 1959 in Indiana, United State. He started his professional wrestling career in 1985. He was known by lots of ring names i.e. Blade Runner Rock, Dingo Warrior, Jim Hellwig, Jim, Justice, The Ultimate Warrior and Warrior. He got his professional wrestling training from Bill Anderson, Rick Bassman and Red Bastian. Sadly he is not among us now.

ultimate warrior

The Ultimate Warrior died in April 2014 due to Myocardial infarction in  Scottsdale Arizona United State.. In 1986, he started to work for the promotion of world class championship wrestling in Texas. During that he was getting paid $50 per night.In 1987, james joined World wrestling federation. During his wrestling challenges in WWF , he defeated Terry Gibbs and got title of The ultimate Warrior. Jim won Intercontinental champion in 1989 when he played as a substitute of Brutus Beefcake because he was injured and unable to play any fight. In this match The Honky Tonk Man was defeated by The Ultimate Warrior in 27 seconds of a squash match.

As we all know that The Hulk Hogan is known as WWE championship star of 1980s. In wrestlemania VI a match  was scheduled between The Hulk Hogan who hold heavyweight championship title and The ultimate warrior who was holding intercontinental championship title. After a warrior splash, The Ultimate Warrior defeated The hulk Hogan and became the only wrestler to hold both championship titles.

The Ultimate Warrior makes his way to WWE multiple times. He worked for different other organizations as well i.e Nu-Wrestling Evolution in 2005. When The Ultimate Warrior was signed to WWE, he won two WWF intercontinental championship title and award for WWE heavyweight championship once. During his surprise return to WWE in 2014, he won slammy award. He won WWE hall of fame award in 2014. During his professional wrestling career in Nu-Wrestling Evolution, he won NWE heavyweight championship title one time.

The ultimate warrior death

Ultimate splash is among one of his most used finishing moves. His famous signature moves are atomic drop, leaping shoulder back, gorilla press drop and Multiple clotheslines. He died on 8th April, 2014, a day before his death he was appeared for WWE RAW for first time during his wrestling career in WWE. On april 6 , he made his presence in wrestlemania XXX. According to some reports On april 8, around 5:50 PM, he suddenly got collapsed due to chest pain. In 2015 Hall of Fame ceremony, Dana Warrior presented an inaugural warrior award to the status of The Ultimate warrior.

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