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Wrestler who won most WWE championships

As we all know being a WWE champion is ultimate life goal of any wrestler. From time to time wrestlers are ranked based on number of WWE title they have been awarded with. In WWE, there are some well known names like The Rock, Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H, The Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold but the wrestler who won most WWE championship is none other than The great famous wrestling player of present time John Cena. Right now John Cena stands at the top of this list with keeping margin of three WWE championships from his leading wrestler. John Cena won 11 WWE championships and 3 World Heavyweight Championships which makes total 14 titles he has won so far.

John Cena:

John Cena

In 1999, John Cena started his professional wrestling career with Ohio Valley Wrestling team. In 2000, Cena started to work with World Wrestling Federation. He is known by ring names Jaun Cena , John Cena and The Prototype. He is known by nicknames The Leader of Cenations, The Chain Gang Soldier, Big match John, The Champ,The Doctor of Thuganomics,The Face of WWE,Fruity Pebbles, The Man That Runs the Place and Mr. Money in the Bank.

During his stay at Ohio Valley Wrestling team, he won OVW heavyweight championship title one time. While playing with Rico Constantino, he won Southern Tag Team Championship in OVW.

In 2006, Cena played a match versus Edge and Won Feud Of the Year award. In 2011, He won Match of the year award when he played a match versus CM Punk. In 2003 He won most improved wrestler of the year award.In 2006,2007 and 2013, he was ranked at the top among 500 singles wrestlers. In WWE his list of awards is very long.

  • He won World Tag Team championship two times with Batista and Shawn Michaels.
  • He won world Heavyweight Championship three times.
  • He won WWE world heavyweight championship twelve times.
  • He was awarded with WWE United States championship title for two times.
  • He won Tag Team championship in WWE with  The Miz and David Otunga.
  • He won 10 Slammy awards. One with The Rock in 2011 knows as Game changer of the Year Awards. In 2015 he won Hero In all Of Us title.

John Cena is also known as The Champ. He has not only awarded with the belt more than anyone else but also he has the longest period reign for the 25 years with astonishing and memorable 380 days. He is also known as wrestler who has most fans over twitter and other social medias.

John Cena WWE champion

During his every match, massive crowd of fans was always there to wait for him. After Stone Cold and The Rock left WWE leading team, there was gap for the success of company which was needed to be fulfilled urgently, so WWE decided to choose John Cena as the leading man because of his successful wrestling career and continuous efforts.

There was a rumor about John Cena’s death in a Car accident, which was shocking for his fans, but lately they get to know that He had a severe car accident and he is getting recovered for that. Luckily He is alive and we will see him soon in lots of superb matches.

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