Wrestlers before they were stars

Becoming a world-class wrestler takes a lot more effort and courage than most people can even imagine. Most wrestlers had to work very hard and face various severe challenges before they were stars. This article intends to provide a brief summary of the lives of some of the world famous wrestlers before they got all the fame and became superstars.

5: Montel Vontavious Porter:


MVP or Hassan Hamin Assad (after being converted to Islam) did not have a very inspiring start to his early life. He became member of a local gang at the age of 12,which later became a notorious street gang. Montel Porter spent almost 10 years in prison for kidnapping and armed robbery. However, he aspired to become a wrestler while he was in prison. He was trained by Soluman Alex G and Porter finally made a wrestling debut in 2002.

4: Shane McMahon:



 Famous wrestler and son of the WWE CEO started his career in the field of wrestling not as a wrestler but as a referee. He wore blue shirt for few years but then gave up becoming a backstage official. However, he was destined to be a wrestler. He made his debut as a wrestler in 1998 and continued to appear on screen for the next 12 years.

3: Hulk Hogan:


There is a very interesting as well as famous story about how Hogan actually became a wrestler. Hogan was weight training for quite a time but he had no professional training of wrestling, when suddenly one day Jack Brisco came to Matsuda Gym and gave a pair of wrestling boots to him. He told him that Hogan was going to wrestler next week. Within few years, he moved to Japan where he became popular due to his strange looks and food eating habits. He ultimately became a superstar in the world of wrestling.

2: The Rock:

 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


Dwayne Johnson was born in a famous family of wrestlers. Both his father and grandfather were professional wrestlers. In one of his interviews, The Rock said that he was in love with the sport of wrestling when he was only four years of age. He walked into footprints of his father, Rocky Johnson, and went on to become even more famous and popular than his father.

1: John Cena:

John Cena wwe


John Cena is a popular wrestler and people all over the world know him. However, not many people know that he worked as a limousine driver before he was a star. Cena also had a passion for bodybuilding form a young age. He started bodybuilding along with working for a limousine company. He was very muscular from the start of his wrestling career however he was never this big as he is now. He started wrestling training in 1999 and made his debut in November, 1999.

We hope that you enjoyed this brief life summary of some of the wrestlers before they were stars. You can also read some other interesting articles about wrestling by following these links.

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