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WWE Battleground (2017) Also Does Not Record Good Ticket Sales

Although it turned out to be a notable event full of highlights, WWE Great Balls of Fire did not record good ticket sales data , as it was reported just one week after its completion. Perhaps the name, or perhaps the poor reign of Brock Lesnar ; From my point of view, I hope that we will see a new edition next year and not be on the blacklist of ephemeral PPVs. Of course, bad news for the company, which now seems to be repeated with WWE Battleground (2017) , the next programming show.

According to information from the Wrestling Observer Radio , Battleground ticket sales are also not expected, and more considering that it will take place in Philadelphia . Along with Chicago and New York, this city of Pennsylvania is one of the strongest markets that WWE has, and traditionally, has always involved life insurance in terms of monetary figures. But it seems that this strong amateur base is not enough, and significant discounts are being offered for a considerable number of localities.

Following the example of Great Balls of Fire, WWE Backlash (2017) took place in Rosemont, a town adjacent to Chicago, and sales figures were not the norm for a show held there. We would see again a disappointment referred to the blue mark , although the serious thing would come from the fact that it is already two consecutive events of the calendar, and within the summer period, supposed season conducive to the luchístico leisure.

Remember that the poster Battleground is very plotted in its main battles, and here we could find a reason for the news that concerns us. In total, we will see four shocks that involve revenge : John Cena Vs. Rusev , Kevin Owens Vs. AJ Styles , Jinder Mahal Vs. Randy Orton and The New Day Vs. The Usos . For now, the “JinderMania,” the reign of Styles and the return of Cena are not enough to get a “sold out” nine days.

Battleground will take place on July 23, from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, a stage closely linked to the McMahon product for decades. In 1999 it even hosted WrestleMania XV, while on January 27, 2018 it will host an TakeOver from NXT. The road to SummerSlam is getting complicated for WWE , we’ll see what happens next week, when the cartel is finally closed.

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