WWE Battleground 2017

WWE Battleground 2017 – Kickoff: Video, Coverage And Results

Before the main poster kicks off, Battleground will have a free kickoff broadcast via YouTube, WWE App, WWE.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

As it had happened in Backlash, Tye Dillinger and Aiden English will face again in the free fight, although this time there is no rivalry between the two, who only struggle to prove that they deserve a better position.

The panel is hosted by Renee Young, Sam Roberts, Jerry “The King” Lawler and David Otunga, who reportedly stayed permanently in the kickoffs. In the social networking room is Kayla Braxton, who will later be joined by the Kanellis.

Dasha Fuentes interviews John Cena, who says his stipulation tonight makes it an unpredictable fight, but he is ready to prove once again that he is the best and to defend the flag of his country.

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To analyze the female Fatal 5-Way, Carmella joins the panel. Miss Money in the Bank is pleased with her privileged position in the division and says that even if she does not have a fight tonight, she could make it to SummerSlam as champion . In addition, says his favorite to win today is Natalya. The audience shouts and will not let her talk, but she responds by presuming her briefcase.

Dasha Fuentes interviews AJ Styles. The United States Champion says his title is a product of his hard work and Kevin Owens is not man enough to beat him .

Kevin Owens sees the interview from the dressing room when Tom Philips approaches. The challenger says he does not have to repeat that he is the best, that is the New Face of America, or that this is the Kevin Owens Show, because everyone knows it and tonight will show that he is more man than AJ Styles, because he is Canadian.

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Kayla Braxton interviews Mike and Maria Kanellis in the social networking room. Asked if she’s going to fight again, Maria says her place is supporting her husband, and Mike says he’ll beat Sami Zayn tonight. In addition, they respond that since the two are already separated, it is unlikely that anyone else will find true love.

The Philadelphia crowd boosts Aiden English, who is cloaked in the ring for a small artistic performance. The opposite reaction is caused by the Ten Perfect, whom the public receives with great emotion and songs of “10!”.

Spinebuster! Dillinger covers: 1, 2 and no! The Ten Perfect takes English to the ropes but this one takes advantage of the position “Crossbody! Tye spins and covers: 1, 2 and no!

Facebuster! English covers: 1, 2 and no! The Artist is frustrated and begins to lose his temper. English tries to imitate its rival and initiate an exchange of counts. Tye hits the corner, but English sends him face-down into the post . Director’s Cut! Aiden English gets the win!

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