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WWE Can Make It Worse: Jason Jordan Product Of A Violation?

Last night, on Monday Night Raw , Kurt Angle rocked the WWE Universe by announcing Jason Jordan as “his son” and entering the roster of the red mark, killing rumors of a possible appearance of Dixie Carter .

This angle was not expected, especially among those who compared Jordan and Gable with Team Angle: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

And the point is that the fans themselves could have given the idea for this story.

One of the images that dealt with the subject of Jordan and Angle was this, where they remember an old story between Kurt Angle and Sharmell, from which Jordan was born.

This refers to a 2005 angle (in bad taste) where Kurt Angle harassed Sharmell and said things like:

“Booker, I want to have sex with your wife. And I do not talk about normal sex, I talk about bestial sex, perverted sex “

Angle even locked himself up with Sharmell in a dressing room, implying that he actually abused her .

Although that was twelve years ago, WWE could accommodate the story to show that Angle and Sharmell had a previous relationship from which Jason Jordan was born, and that 2005 was a “reunion.”

Could it be that WWE wants to retake this story? If so, in the future we would not see Kurt Angle Vs. Triple H, but Kurt Angle vs. Booker T.

To Be “Son” Of Kurt Angle, A Curse For Jason Jordan?

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