WWE canceled Talking Smack As Weekly Show

Talking Smack was one of the extra additions that SmackDown had when it returned to function as an independent brand , and the success of the program was due to the fact that it occurred segments that came to mark the career of the wrestlers who appeared there. For example, when The Miz had that affair with Daniel Bryan , the Intercontinental Champion won a legion of supporters, and reinforced the foundations of what was one of the best reigns of 2016.

Daniel Bryan And The Miz Have Altercation Live On Talking Smack

Since then, fans tuned Talking Smack week after week to get more segments that were authentic , unlike what was seen on television, which betrayed his screenwriting by third parties .

However, WWE decided to cancel the weekly Talking Smack format. The site reported that the promotion of Vince McMahon will choose to present the show in monthly format, as it does with Raw Talk, which is issued only after each PPV of the red mark.

“We constantly review WWE Network programming based on a variety of factors, including number of visits and subscriber searches. Talking Smack and Raw Talk will air after the PPV, while on Tuesdays will continue to broadcast 205 Live.

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