WWE Championship Belt History

WWE Championship Belt History

WWE Championship Belt History

Every wrestler has a dream to won a championship belt. According to some wrestling fans winning a WWE championship belt is the reason which leads to fight. Every superstar wrestler has a dream to hold the belt, it could be world championship, intercontinental or team tag championship belts. According to WWE championship belt history, over the time there are several modification made to the belt. Like in 1984, Hulk hogan won championship title from Iron sheik and won a Big shinny Green belt referred as Big Green. That was made of shop metal and it was very shinny and thin. It was replaced by a belt which was designed by Reggie Parks called Silver belt that was smaller as compared to green belt.

Big Green BeltGreen belt was replaced by belt name Hogan 84.It last for only some month and later on it was replaced by Hogan 85. There was very minor difference between these two belts like Hogan 84 was wrapped with lace around the edge and  85 was tooled. Hogan 84 has the words World Heavy Weight Wrestling Champion as banner engraved on it and it was in red color paint. While on the other hand 85 has some words engraved on black banner.

hogan 84 and 85

In the end of 1985, it was decided to change belt again. Vice McMahon had an opinion that belt is looking cheap in silver color as compared to the belts in golden color. So a new built was introduced called Hogan 86. Its design was entirely different from 84 and 85. It consisted of very large plate with coating in both gold and silver colored effects. A large globe was made in the centre. This belt carried famous WWF block logo throughout the 1980’s and most part of 1990’s too. Lots of flags along with WWF was engraved on the belt. In 1987, The Hulk Hogan defended this belt in his popular match with Andre The Giant.

indy86 017The Andre 87 replaced Hogan 86 belt. It was new designed belt with white leather and short strapped. This belt was also used in the movie No Hold Barred. The Hulk Hogan known as Rip in movie was also seen wearing this belt in promotional posters of No hold Barred movie. But in the movie it was featured only one time in the movie at before his showdown with Zeus at the end of movie. In that movie a white leathered winged eagle is used apart from that belt.In Florida , Vince McMahon donated The Andre 87 to Hollywood planet.

The Andre 87

 Hogan was wearing the Hogan 86, but when he stepped through the curtain, he was wearing the brand new ‘Winged Eagle’ which was continued to be used as the WWF title for the next decade and is, probably, the most famous championship belt of all time! That night, the title was not only debuted, but was held by THREE separate men: Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase.Winged Eagle is one the most famous championship belt in the history of WWE. The Hulk Hogan appear behind the curtain wearing this brand new belt. At Saturday Nights Main Event, this title was awarded to three separate superstar wrestlers Andre The Giant, Ted DiBiase and The Hulk Hogan.

Winged Eagle

Blue strap and White strap belts was awarded to the warriors in WWE in 1990. This belt was given to all superstars like Ric Flair , Then Undertaker, Steve Austin, The Hulk Hogan, Diesel and Bert Hart. Later than in 1998, At big event Wrestle mania XIV on RAW, this belt was replaced by Big Eagle. 

Big Eagle Belt

Big Eagle was replaced by Smoking Skull Belt. WWF scratch logo Big eagle was being introduced after this. Which Later on was replaced by The Undisputed V.1. In 2001, both WWF and World championship title was son by Jericho. A new belt was decided to announce after wrestlemania X8. Shortly after that Rick Flair introduced The undisputed V.1 on TV. The Undisputed WWF logo V.1 was later on replaced by The Undisputed WWE logo V.1.

There were three version of The Undisputed with WWE logo.Brock, Jon Cena, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guererro held V3. Cena replaced v3 with Spinner V.1. This belt was name SmackDown Spinner V.1 which was replace by RAW Spinner v.2. After 2013, Rock defeated Punk to take the championship title. So finally after eight years of success, Spinner was replaced by  The Big Logo. Various modification was made to that belt with time. At wrestlemania XXIX, John Cena won this belt from The Rock and replaced it sides with new design of his own.

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