WWE Could Add A New Belt In NXT

If after the Draft last year, NXT’s health did not go through its best moments, from TakeOver: Chicago was a turnaround in this dynamic, coming to consolidate last Saturday with TakeOver: Brooklyn III , a event far superior to WWE SummerSlam (2017). Again, the greatness of a brand that stands for much more than a territory of development is evident , and as Shawn Michaels said , it is nothing like the business in which it worked years ago.

Given the great amount of talent that populate their ranks, several followers have long considered that perhaps a new title would offer greater opportunities . Today, this is a debate that is undoubtedly propitious, as the cast is the largest in the history of the yellow show. And yesterday, Bryan Alvarez offered a juicy information on the subject during the last edition of Wrestling Observer Live :

“I’m not saying it’s a guarantee, but I know they’ve been talking about adding a secondary male title on NXT. Maybe it would be a TV title or something . They prefer something old school in the sense that this is not like today’s Vince McMahon’s Raw , where Neville loses the title on a Monday and wins it on a Sunday … The New Day win their title and they lose it there. “

A priori, it is a good idea, although considering that the panorama of the United Kingdom WWE Championship is in stalemate, is there really need to add a new belt? Let’s also note that the development of good rivalries does not require gold in between, which otherwise overshadows the brilliance of rising fighters outside any titular orbit ( Tye Dillinger’s example ).

With the addition of a new title, NXT would have four own straps, joining the NXT Championship, the NXT Women’s Championship and the NXT Couples Championship. Since 2013, the year of introduction of the last two, the yellow faction does not modify its showcase , being altered only by the recent defenses of the scepter of UK. Stay tuned for possible updates from the SUPER STRUGGLE hand.

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