Great Balls of Fire 2017 - Kickoff

WWE Great Balls Of Fire 2017 – Kickoff: Video, Coverage And Results

Before the main poster kicks off, Great Balls of Fire will have a free kickoff broadcast via YouTube, WWE App,, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Cruise King Neville will defend his gold against Akira Tozawa, who has the support of Titus Worldwide, an organization that has been very effective in propelling his headlining aspirations.
The public is just coming in and there are still many empty seats when the panel of Peter Rosenberg, David Otunga and Renee Young welcomes us. In the social networking room is Charly Caruso, who will later interview Paul Heyman.

Mike Rome interviews Seth Rollins backstage. The Architect says that Bray Wyatt believed himself a god and took him as an enemy when he unveiled him as a liar. Rollins believes that Wyatt is a man like anybody and it is he who will pay for his sins tonight.

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