wwe john cena diet plan

It goes without saying that John Cena is one of the most popular wrestlers of all times. He is not only famous for his great professional skills but he also has a very handsome and charming personality. It is due to this reason that he has millions of fans and admirers throughout the whole world. The fans are often curious about John Cena’s diet plan and workout strategy as they want to look like their idol.

Most people are aware of the fact that John Cena is very dedicated when it comes to physical fitness and good diet. Of course it is not easy to maintain such physique and muscles with 240 pound weight and 6 ft 1 inch height without due care and hard work. To be honest, it is very difficult to do so as Cena follows a very strict and intense workout routine along with focused diet plan. We are sharing John Cena’s diet plan with you.



John cena diet plan

John Cena divides his overall daily food intake in to 6 different parts. First part is of course the breakfast. He takes two to three whole eggs and four to six egg whites along with 100 grams of oatmeal every day. Right after the breakfast, he also takes his gym supplement in the form of a protein bar. Then the next meal is taken at lunch time. In lunch, John Cena prefers at least two chicken breasts, and different vegetables, usually with brown rice.

Approximately three hours after the lunch time, there is a snack break. John Cena takes a whole wheat bread and a tune fish as the snack. Similarly, John Cena takes whey protein shake in the evening along with banana. This meal is usually taken before his workout.

Dinner for John Cena is one of the heaviest meals in the whole day. Cena eats chicken or fish and brown rice or pasta in the dinner. Vegetables and salad, however, are must in the dinner. Apart from these five meals, John Cena also takes another casein protein shake along with low fat cheese.

It can be seen from John Cena’s diet plan that protein is the central nutrition which is found in all of these six meals. We provided this diet plan for your information. However, we strongly recommend to not practically adopting this diet plan without professional supervision as it can be counter-productive if not done properly and can lead to various health problems. Along with this diet plan, John Cena also follows a strict workout plan every day. We will surely provide detailed accounts of his workout plan in our upcoming articles. So stay tuned.

jon cena

So, this was a brief summary of John Cena’s diet plan. This diet plan when combines with intensive workout and tons of dedication results in a legend like John Cena. We hope that it was an informative article.

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