WWE Managers Again Dissatisfied With Roman Reigns?

Bring It to the Table is undoubtedly the most realistic show, if I may say the term, which WWE offers its audience in these times and maybe even years. The program, unthought not long ago, plays topics outside the imaginary line that is kayfabe and sometimes controversial points that verify reports that before being debated by the table were nothing more than mere rumors.

Just have a look at the themes of the last edition, presented last night after Raw. Among them were the expulsion of Enzo Amore’s locker room, the rumored return of Brock Lesnar to UFC and Jason Jordan’s lack of charisma. But it is none of those matters that concern us in this note, but it does have to do with one of the statements made when he had to comment on a hypothetical meeting of The Shield, where it was ruled that this could come to benefit Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose but not to Roman Reigns , who “sells enough on his own.”

Bring It To The Table (Jul 31, 17) – Scene Vs. Reigns – The Future Of Lesnar

And no, we are not going to contradict that statement because, despite having its many detractors, today Reigns is the full-time WWE Superstar most of the company’s box office by far. But we will provide you with new information regarding the sales of “The Roman Emperor” who, if asked, are not exactly encouraging for Vince McMahon and the top executives of a company that, as a result, is very concerned.

Comparisons with John Cena , who had been the face of the organization for more than a decade (and could not say if it remains), may end up harming the rise of the Samoan, whose path to consolidation as “The Type” Already has more than three years and several victims of reputation behind him, but that does not finish to appear to the height, according to understands the directive doma. That is at least what Wrestling News World reported recently , through journalist Zack Krasney, who revealed the frustrations of the officers as follows:

“Not only is WWE seriously considering changing its mind about Roman Reigns heading WrestleMania next year and beating Brock Lesnar for the World Championship, but the company is very concerned about the fact that sales of its merchandise are in decline as well By which he is still booed, even at live events, where for a long period he was still receiving positive reactions despite the negativity on television.

“Not only are their numbers relative to the merchandise down significantly compared to last year but also surveys of subscribers or former subscribers to the WWE Network who ask why their subscriptions or cancellations have not benefited either To Reigns.

“In surveys that ask about the reason for cancellations, the ‘other’ option is usually filled with negative comments towards Reigns. On the other hand, those who ask about the reason for their subscription, in the ‘other’ option very rarely speak well of it. Although WWE generally ignores the public receptions on television when it comes to its main technicians, they are much more sensitive to merchandise numbers and reactions at live events. “

“This was a matter of time. Although WWE was trying to replicate John Cena with the way they handle Roman, they just would not be able to continue with the same method. There are many reasons why it was a question of when it would happen and not if it was going to happen. First, people were fed up with so many years of a technical John Cena, so when Roman appeared and became the next type of WWE, the fans were already tired of the ‘technician no matter what’ mentality.

“Second, Roman is being handled as a technician but acts like a tough guy. It may not seem like something important, but let’s just say things as they are: it’s managed like a coach after all, so it’s still frustrating for the hardcore aficionado. In the meantime, he acts like a tough man and that’s why the children do not support him as much as they would with someone like Cena. Add to that some poor creative decisions and the result is a guy who will slip along the way. “

Of course this will not be the kiss of death for the former WWE Champion and will continue to be driven big, but the question is, what consequences could this bring you? Do you think they had the numbers and the reactions influence on the changes of plans for the star of SummerSlam? Leave your opinions in the comment box.

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