WWE seems To be in Trouble With One Of Its Trading Partners

In important information for lovers and collectors of action figures, it has been reported that WWE is upset with one of its important trading partners. The reasons below.
This is Mattel and the news was released exclusively for the podcast The Dirty Sheets in the section entitled “DS Breaking News” ( “DS Newsflash” ) , the same that is associated with the web portal Sportskeeda . This is the information that is reported:

“As many of you will know, WWE has signed an agreement with the toy company Mattel a couple of years ago, more exactly in 2009 and Mattel has been producing different lines of toys for WWE as action figures, quadrilaterals and All kinds of related things and the fact that Naomi is now Champion SmackDown, WWE made the decision to create a custom championship that shines in the dark , this to make it closer to the figure and character of Naomi.

“The title was well received and WWE thought to make a lot of money with the sale of the Naomi doll with their SmackDown Women’s Championship personalized, that is, with which it shines. WWE was hoping to have this new doll production ready for the month of December 2017, but Mattel has just informed WWE that in no way would that production come to light in Christmas time, but believe they will be ready for times By WrestleMania 34 .

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