WWE Superstar Loses Home After Hurricane Irma

In recent days, Hurricane Irma hit several areas of the Caribbean and Florida. Several human lives claimed this phenomenon of nature, in addition to innumerable damages to ecosystems and property and material goods.

WWE canceled several functions that the company had planned due to Irma, all of the Yellow Label, NXT, which has its main operations center in the state of Florida. Therefore, several of the brand’s fighters live in the area. So far no more damage has been reported than that suffered by the fighter of the brand, Lacey Evans.

According to information provided by the fighter herself in her instagram account , the gladiator lost her house and all the furniture, although what hurt her most were things with sentimental value , this is what she published:

“I can replace appliances … Clothes … Damn, my whole house. But this will never be replaced. Never. I could give two shit about what I’ve lost. But damn it, is this the worst part? All I have left of my father are these photos . Saving what I can. Hurricane Irma you can kiss my ass. “

Lacey gives much value to the memories of his father, because he lived very attached to him, in fact his taste for wrestling comes from his father, who as a young man tried to enter the world of costalazo but without luck. Her father failed to see her work in WWE, because she died a few months before her entry due to an overdose.

As the connoisseurs will remember, Lacey, who was a marine, arrived at NXT in late 2016 where he has had several encounters. He also took part in the recent Mae Young Classic where he won in the first round to Taynara Conti, losing in the second round with Toni Storm.

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