WWE Superstar Reveals Addiction To Analgesics

The world of wrestling is a tough world, as gladiators have to battle with the stress and pain of constantly beating their body and be traveling hours from city to city via land or plane. And although for some this should not happen, the truth is that there are several gladiators who succumb to recreational drugs or “approved” to “seek to lead a better life . “
Such is the case of a very recently wrestler named WWE Superstar , who decided to reveal through his official account on Instagram that he was addicted to painkillers or prescription drugs.

It’s nothing more and nothing less than the new 32-year-old star of SmackDown Live , Mike Kanellis , who revealed this ugly situation through the description of the following image:

“This image was taken this year. It symbolizes my decision to cleanse me from an addiction to prescription drugs. A problem I had kept hidden from my wife, my family, my friends and everyone.

“He’s been chasing me for almost 3 years, since I dislocated the kneecap from my knee. That really started a spiral out of control for the past year and a half. I almost lost everything. I finally decided that I could not continue to hurt my wife and hurt myself in this way and that I would regain my life.

“This photo was my way of making my beautiful wife laugh during one of the most difficult times of our life. Without it, I would be lost. She is the strongest and toughest woman I know. She has been my rock and my reason for fighting. She has been with me every step of the way and I will say it again, I would really be lost without her. It feels so incredibly wonderful to have my life back and focus on what really matters. Life has never been better, and every day is a blessing.

“I wanted to write this as a symbol of hope, for anyone struggling with an addiction. This can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time. It does not discriminate. It can and will take everything from you. If you are struggling, please do not give up hope. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, you’re not alone. I support you. #There’s always hope”.

Recall that this year 2017, during his “WWE 24” special for WWE Network , legendary WWE Hall of Famer and current General Manager of Raw, Kurt Angle , spoke openly about his several years of addiction to painkillers and alcohol. Brock Lesnar has also talked about his past addiction to painkillers:

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