WWE WrestleMania 2016 Predictions

WWE WrestleMania 2016 Predictions

WWE WrestleMania 32 event will take place on 3 April 2016 in AT & T stadium Texas. As weeks are passing by WWE is announcing lists of pair that are going to appear on the grand stage for WrestleMania 32. This is going to be the greatest WrestleMania in WWE history. Three main events have been finalized. Main match for WWE world heavyweight championship will take place between Triple H and Roman Reigns. Second main match will be played for Hell in a Cell among The Undertaker and Shane McMahon. Third main event will take place between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose with the title No Holds Barred. Appearing The Rock for any kind of main event is still a Big question, but it might happen.

There is going to be an award for WWE Divas Championship among WWE superstars. This match is predicted to happen among Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte. It seems like Sasha and Becky will be taking on Charlotte for the WWE Divas Belt. Charlotte has been gone a long way to proved herself as a worthy Competitor, chances are this time Sasha Banks will be able to walk out of the ring as WWE Divas Champion.

Main event of series will be played among Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. As WWE is planning to show Ambrose as main eventer, it seems that his win would be an amazing way to kickstart that process. In WWE WrestleMania 2016 Predictions regarding to this match, there are greater chances that Brock will win this match.

Shawn McMahon and The Undertake will be playing the match Hell in a Cell. There are hug chances that The Undertaker will win this match because of Shawn’s devil reputation. Don’t except it to be a classic match but anyone who likes destruction will be happy with that. In WWE WrestleMania 32 , match for WWE world heavyweight championship will be played among Roman Reigns and Triple H. In WrestleMania 2016, this is going to be the most predictable match. Predictions are that Roman Reigns will be able to walk out of the ring with World HeavyWeight Championship belt.

The Rock will be coming to attend WrestleMania 32 for sure but there is still no clue about what he will be doing. Being a highly paid actor, there is greatest possibility that he wont be wrestling with anyone.He may appear as somebody’s corner or as guest referee. He is expected to appear with Roman Reigns.Tag Team matches are most likely suppose to happen may be for Cass and Enzo. On New Day, these matches were pretty slow.

Another match is predicted to happen among Kevin Owens And AJ Styles for the title of WWE Intercontinental championship. Both are in the rising phase of their career but no big event like that was booked for them yet.

It is being predicted that at 30 Man Battle Royal ,there will be return of Andre The Giant Memorial. We have already witness Battle Royal in previous WrestleManias so It is most likely expected to have a return.

Earlier there were chances of John Cena playing in the ring but it seems that he has refused to appear in fight due to his surgery caused by car accident.But Cena may appear in any main event in WrestleMania 32.

There are predictions that WWE has planning to make it biggest show of the year and have expectation of filling capacity of 100,000 people at AT & T. There is huge pressure to make a card that will results in moving the massive crowd towards the ring.


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