WWE Wrestlers Who Smoke In-Real-Life

WWE Wrestlers Who Smoke In-Real-Life

Wrestlers Who Smoke: For those who think smoking cigarettes or weed is way out of professional wrestlers’ league, think again. Well, it is untrue that smoking is prohibited or out of the diet for WWE Superstars.  It is a common perception that smoking weed or cigarettes may have adverse effects to professional bodybuilders that include increased heartbeat, slow muscle building, and a change in attitude and personality. That is dangerous and threatening for a professional WWE Superstar. Some of the WWE superstars smoke while some don’t. Still, there is majority of them that smoke marijuana or cigarettes. Here is a list of few Wrestlers who smoke cigarettes in real life, some do it in the arena too.

Wrestlers Who Smoke

wrestlers who smoke

  • Jack Swagger may look sober to many of us. Still, he is a super macho addicted guy. He loves to drink, smoke, and maybe sniff while partying. Jack himself admitted that he smoked and posted it on social media several times.
  • Chris Jericho is second on our list; he is a party boy who frequently drinks and smoke. Chris is also a regular smoker and alcoholic guy. Jericho is associated with Film and music industry that make him a hard-partying man and a smoker obviously.
  • Big Show, formerly known as the Giant in WCW back in the initial stages of his career was a trademark cigarette smoker. His entry in the arena was exclusive with a cigarette in his mouth as he was also a real-life smoker at that time.
  • Well, a real WWE fan still remembers the day when R-Truth split up with his tag-team partner John Morrison consequently beating him severely. He then pulled out a cigarette and smoked it in front of WWE RAW Crowd; Truth revealed that it wasn’t his first time and he was an occasional smoker.
  • WWE is imperfect without McMahon Family, Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon are both cigar smokers. Vince was also featured once on the cover of CIGAR Aficionado magazine with a cigar in his mouth. Shane was captured in the same edition with Vince.
  • It won’t be a shocking story for few diehard WWE fans if we claim that Randy Orton is a regular smoker and smoked cigarettes before he was part of WWE. Randy never smokes in front of the arena or his colleagues; he often smokes outside the arena or in toilets, but it is evident that he smokes a lot.
  • One of the most celebrated WWE superstars, John Cena, is a heartthrob to most of the kids. Even I grew up watching Cena’s heroics in the ring, revealing his cigar smoking habit was shocking. He is renowned of all the Wrestlers who smoke cigarettes.
  • There are few female WWE Superstars who smoke, among them, are Alicia Fox, an American Diva, and WWE Superstar. Current CEO of WWE and daughter of Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon is an addicted cigarette smoker. AJ Lee, a cutie and WWE Diva was spotted by fans with a smoking pack.

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